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Nobel Prize goes to Gravitational Waves! (10/3/2017) - The Nobel prize in Physics is a fabulous recognition to Rainer Weiss, Kip Thorne and Barry Barish for their roles in the discovery of gravitational waves, a breakthrough that helped confirm a prediction in Einstein’s theory of relativity. This is
2017 Alan Alda Science Communication Boot Camp: An Interview With Dr. Jean Creighton & Dr. Robin Mello (8/29/2017) - Dr. Jean Creighton (Physics) and Dr. Robin Mello (Theatre) were selected by the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science to be part of their Boot Camp this summer.
uwm solar eclipse 2017, uwm solar eclipse, uwm planetarium Solar Eclipse 2017 Was a Smash Hit (8/25/2017) - Milwaukee citizen's everywhere gathered at the field in front of the KIRC building on the UW-Milwaukee campus to witness a once-in-a-lifetime event, a partial solar eclipse.
Solar Eclipse Parking and Transportation (8/17/2017) - Our Solar Eclipse event is coming up this Monday, and to avoid confusion here is a guide to making sure your eclipse day doesn’t get bogged down by logistics. If you are coming by car we recommend parking in the
Planetarium Director Jean Creighton Honored for Astronomical Accomplishments (6/27/2017) - The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents recognized her efforts with the 2017 Regents Academic Staff Excellence Award during its meeting in Milwaukee on June 9.
The Seasons of Japan (5/31/2017) - The Spring Festival this year celebration was stellar! It began with volunteer students from the Japanese program staffing tables with calligraphy, origami, kimonos, computer games, rice balls, and other delicious snacks. One of the pre-show highlights was an APOP performance
Astronomy Magazine Editors speak at Manfred Olson Planetarium (5/17/2017) - Astronomy Magazine’s David Eicher and Michael Bakich spoke at the UWM Planetarium on Wednesday evening, May 10, 2017, to an enthusiastic crowd. Editor-in-Chief David’s talk, “The New Cosmos: Astronomy’s Big Discoveries” offered a glance into the biggest developments in the
Meet Aragorn Quinn from an Evening in the Land of the Rising Sun (4/16/2017) - Dr. Aragorn Quinn is an assistant professor for the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at UWM. He's one of the presenters for our Evening in the Land of the Rising Sun show.
Astrophotography for Beginners (4/13/2017) - Ever wanted to take a picture of the stars? Did you try and it didn’t turn out so well? Astrophotography expert Dennis Roscoe will be at the planetarium on April 26 from 7 – 8 p.m to show what it
UWM Planetarium 2016 Report (4/13/2017) - Our 2016 report is now available on our website and features highlights from Jean’s milestone 10th year as director. A soft copy of the report was available to a select few when we had our 10 Years of Stars and