Colloquia, Fall 2016

Friday, October 7, 3:30pm
Dan Jacobson, University of Michigan
Friday, October 28, 3:30pm
Lisa Downing, Ohio State University
Friday, November 11, 3:30pm
Simon Blackburn, UNC, Chapel Hill
Friday, December 2, 3:30pm
Michael Williams, Johns Hopkins University… Continue Reading »

Colloquia, Spring 2016

Friday, February 26th, 3:30pm
James Messina, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Friday, March 25th, 3:30pm
Lori Watson, University of San Diego
Friday, April 8th, 3:30pm
Dan Korman, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Friday, April 29th, 3:30pm
Dale Dorsey, University of Kansas… Continue Reading »

Colloquia Fall 2015

Join us for the Philosophy Spring Colloquia! September 11, October 23, November 13, November 20, and December 11. The location for each session is Curtin Hall 175. Start time: 3:30pm. Friday, September 11, 3:30pm Monika Betzler, University of Berne “Evaluative … Continue Reading »