NWQ 1932

NWQ 1932 is in the Northwest Quadrant building which is located on the corner of Maryland and Hartford.  

Here is the door you can enter on Maryland

You will walk down a very long aqua blue hallway

You will see a sign that says turn right to PASS and you will then see the study lounge and more signs

And then finally our room 1932

Library East Wing E170

Room E170 is in the East wing of the library. Here is what you’ll see when you enter. This entire area is room E170.
If you are meeting with an SI leader, check the dry erase board behind the front desk. Your tutor’s name will be written next to a number if they are here.
Walk behind the desk through this space, and go to the cubicle with the number your SI leader’s name is written by on the board.

Library East Wing Tables

If you are here for tutoring, check the dry erase board sitting on the front desk. If your tutor’s name is written there, they are here.
Walk to the right of the service desk to the big area filled with tables.
Go to the dry erase board in the middle of the area. Your tutor’s name will be written next to a number.
Each table has a number on it. Go to the table with your number and your tutor should be there.