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Walking is a cost effective and healthy way to get around campus.

Benefits of Walking

  • It allows you to get exercise while enjoying the scenery and interacting with others along your path.
  • It is easier and sometimes faster to walk than to drive or bike, especially during heavy traffic periods.
  • Walking saves you the expense of gas, repairs, and other vehicle maintenance.
  • It is much better for the environment than driving.

Safety Tips

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Look where you’re going, establish eye contact with motorists and bicyclists, and if you listen to music, limit the volume.
  • Always obey all traffic signs.
  • Carry a cell phone with you in case of an emergency.
  • Walk in well-lit areas. Be aware of the blue light phones for emergencies around campus.
  • Always travel with a friend or in a group.


Click the link below for walking directions and estimated times to UWM campus.

Walking Directions & Times

Safety/Pedestrian Resources
S.A.F.E. Walkers:

S.A.F.E. is an escort service designed to keep students safe on the streets around campus at night. Patrols run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings in the near-campus area. They are trained and supervised by the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Police Department and are available for students to utilize by calling 414-229-4627.

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Bicycling to any area of the UW-Milwaukee campus should be as simple and safe as possible for students, faculty, staff and visitors alike.

Biking to campus is an affordable alternative to get to campus that is also great for your health and the environment. Whether you need air for your tires, would like to find the best route, or even if you’d like to understand more about bicycle planning at UWM, you will find many answers to your bicycling needs>

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Bublr Bikes is coming to campus! Through the efforts of the UWM Student Senate, we are able to offer FREE Bublr Passes to UWM students for the 2015-16 academic term. Eligible students must be enrolled and use their UWM email address to register.

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