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Faculty and Staff Permits

Faculty and Staff Parking Registration Form
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Parking Rates

General Pavilion Permit

A month-to-month parking permit is available to those who wish to park in the available PUBLIC SPACES in the Pavilion. The cost is $75 per month which MUST be paid upfront. Only a maximum of 100 permits will be sold each month on a first come – first served basis.

Regular ‘Hunting’ Permit

This permit is valid for parking in designated surface lots (see map). This permit does not assure the holder of a parking space in lot of their preference. When the convenient spaces are all taken the permit holder should expect to look for space in a less convenient area designated for paid staff parking and walk to his/her destination.

This permit does not represent permission to park in a public parking area (7 a.m. – 4 p.m.) without paying the parking fee. Cars associated with accounts of faculty and staff with regular ‘hunting’ permits may only park in regular public spaces in the surface lots without paying the meter fee only after 4 p.m. weeknights and on weekends. This never includes: “short-term” meters (60 minutes or less); the Sandburg, NWQ, Pavilion, EMS, Union and the School of Business garage; spaces reserved for authorized users; or special use and special visitor parking.

Park in front of this sign:


Indoor Reserve Permit

This permit is valid in one of the campus parking garages: Sandburg, Kenilworth, NWQ, EMS, the Pavilion and Lubar (School of Business). The permit is valid only in the parking garage designated on the permit, except on weekends when reserved permits are also valid in outdoor lots. Space is guaranteed at all times. Any misuse of a reserved permit or a gate card (letting someone into or out of a facility for any reason), parking more than one car, transferring the permit to someone else without notifying the Transportation Services Office or using an inappropriately obtained permit or gate card will subject the user to described fines and forfeitures.

Park in front of these signs:


Third Shift Permit

Faculty and staff who work third shift (midnight to 8 a.m.) may park overnight in faculty and staff spaces or spaces without signage located in the numerous surface lots or the Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (EMS) garage. The excluded surface lots are Chapman/Enderis (lot 8) and Library/Garland, and the Northwest Quadrant (NWQ), Lubar, Pavilion, and Union garages. If a vehicle is registered and displays a third-shift permit. These permits are valid between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. No meter fee is required after 9 p.m. for vehicles displaying a third shift permit. Third shift permits are not valid at short-term meters (30 minutes or less). If a vehicle with a third shift permit remains parked after 8 a.m., they must pay for parking at the designated rate.

Park in front of a sign like this or a space without a sign:


Please note that the Faculty and Staff signs have lot specific labeling. This image is depicting the Sciences lot sign reserved for Faculty and Staff.

Emeriti Permit

These permits are issued on a per semester basis only. Proof of emeritus status is required to get the permit. These permits are non-transferable. The rules governing this permit are the same as those for a regular “hunting” permit.

Park in front of this sign:


Permit Eligibility, Rules, Procedures & Prices

Those eligible to purchase a campus parking permit are defined as full-time (40 hrs./wk) and part-time employees. Teaching assistants, graduate assistants, and research assistants are not considered faculty or staff for parking purposes. Faculty and Staff members holding unpaid citations can lose parking privileges and be ineligible for permit renewal.

All permit types are non-transferable to unauthorized users. Applicants may remit the entire fee with vehicle registration or may arrange to have the fee taken from their payroll subject to restrictions of the Payroll Office. A person can purchase one and only one permit. Click for more details.

Outdoor Reserve Permits

A limited # of outdoor reserve permits are available for purchase each year. These are guaranteed spaces in one of the locations listed: Zelazo, Sciences, SARUP/Engelmann, Cunningham, Day Care, Honors College, Power Plant, Chapman/Enderis and Library/Garland.

Employee Bus Pass
UW–Milwaukee offers through the Transportation Services office a reduced fare, unlimited ride, bus pass for faculty and staff. This pass is commonly known as the Employee Buss Pass or also the Commuter Value Pass (CVP) and provides access to all Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) buses.

Faculty and staff may purchase the bus pass after the 15th day of the month preceding the month intended for activation or by the second business day of the month intended for activation of the bus pass. The option to purchase the bus pass will be deactivated online after the second business day of the start of the month.

How to purchase a CVP Permit

  1. Go to Transportation Services portal (uwm.edu/parking/portallogin).
  2. Click on “Affiliated Login” which is in the center of the page
  3. Click on “Get Permits” which will be located in the permits section
  4. Click on “Next >>”
  5. Fill the required fields
  6. Click on the desired permit
  7. Click on box to agree with”Transportation Rules & Regulations”
  8. Click on “Next >>”
  9. add a vehicle if necessary
  10. Click on “Next >>”
  11. Click on “Next >>”
  12. Enter the email as needed
  13. Click on “Pay Now”
  14. Click on the box to agree
  15. Click on “Pay Now”

The total will reflect the prorated amount of the CVP from the annual start date of June 1 through the following May 31. Faculty and staff will not be asked to pay the remaining balance in full, but rather in increments reflected in the frequency in which faculty and staff are paid. If you are paid monthly it will be a $30.00 charge via payroll deduction, and if you are paid bi-weekly it will be $15.00 via payroll deduction until the CVP is canceled or expires.

If a faculty and staff member is purchasing the CVP and does not have a CVP card issued by MCTS, the staff member WILL need to contact the Transportation Services office in person. A photo will need to be taken, which will be provided to MCTS for a CVP card to be created. The CVP card will be returned to the Transportation Services office within 48 business hours. The Transportation Services office will notify the faculty or staff member that they may pick up their CVP card.

*NOTE: Purchases of the CVP on the second business day of the month intended for use, and waiting for a CVP card to be issued will cause a delay in the activation of your CVP. The Transportation Services office will require a photo to be sent to MCTS for a CVP card to be issued, which will be the cause for the delay. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your patience.

If you are looking to return your CVP, please contact the Transportation Services office at uwm.edu/parking/deduction cancelation. It is recommended that notification is provided to the Transportation Services office in advance of the approaching pay period.

Parkmobile (Pay by Phone Parking)

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Parkmobile Form

The Transportation Services office has made effort to bring the latest in parking technology to the UWM Campus. Transportation Services now offers pay-by-phone parking in more than 20 lots. To view the locations, click here.

To take advantage of pay-by-phone parking, create a free account online at Parkmobile.com. Once registration is complete, download one of their free apps for iPhone, Android, Windows 7 and Blackberry. The Parkmobile app may also be downloaded onto any tablet.

To start a parking transaction with the app, key in the zone number found on the meter sticker or nearby Parkmobile signage in the lot. Select the amount of time you wish to park, touch the start button to confirm the transaction, and you’re all set!

There are 3 ways to pay

  • Download app (Parkmobile – available in all phone operating systems)
  • Visit http://us.parkmobile.com/mobile
  • Visit www.parkmobile.com
  • Call 1-877-727-5003
  • Note the Zone # (5 digits – starts with 590 followed by 2 digit lot#)
  • Parking sessions can be extended by phone, mobile app, or on the Parkmobile website

Learn more about how to use Parkmobile.

How to use the app: Parkmobile iPhone App and Parkmobile Android App, from Parkmobile on Vimeo.

Parkmobile also sends an alert fifteen minutes before time expires so you can extend your parking transaction, where available, wherever you are, meaning gone are the days when you will need to hurry back to feed the meter or pay station!

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With Transit & Parking reimbursement accounts, you are able to use pre-tax contribution dollars to pay for qualified work-related commuting and/or parking expenses. Link to the enrollment guide.

Prowl Line (Campus Shuttle / Upark)
Anyone with a valid Panthercard can ride the Prowl Line.

The cost is $2 / day, $10 / month, or $35.81 for a semester permit via payroll deduction.

Download the app for live shuttle information: iOs App / Android App

The average shuttle ride is 10 minutes, although it can be shorter or longer depending on traffic and weather. All shuttle passengers are expect to act in accordance with the University Housing Rules & Regulations.

What is UPARK?
UPARK is a satellite parking lot at Capitol-Humboldt and shuttle bus system developed to address the parking needs of commuting students, faculty and staff. On-campus parking is extremely limited, and parking on the streets surrounding UWM is also difficult because of restrictions which limit long-term parking in the largely residential neighborhood.

Who can use UPARK?
It is open to students, faculty and staff. Capitol-Humboldt provides parking and a bus ride to campus with a displayed campus ID. The cost for a permit for students taking classes on campus is free. For Faculty and Staff the cost is $35.81 via payroll deduction. The permit may be purchased online at Transportation Services Online Portal.

How often do the buses run?
Buses operate at about 10-13 minute intervals and have two on-campus stops for drop offs and two different stops for pick ups. While the bus heads from the UPARK to the UWM Kenwood Campus, it will drop off at Cunningham and the UWM Library prior to heading to Kenilworth, Cambridge, and Riverview. When heading Northbound from Riverview, Cambridge, and Kenilworth to the UWM Kenwood Campus it will pick up at the UWM Student Union (on Maryland) and Sandburg Residence Hall before heading to the UPARK.

What’s it cost, and how long can you park?
The campus shuttle is free to faculty and staff. Faculty and staff will need to display their PantherCard or ID badge to the campus shuttle driver while boarding. Parking at the Capitol-Humboldt lot is now $35.81 per semester for faculty and staff via payroll deduction. A permit may be purchased online at Transportation Services online portal. The permit is available only through payroll deduction and virtually connects your license plate to the permit. No hang tag or sticker will be necessary to park, and users may add or remove vehicles from their permit on the same online portal.

You can park continuously for up to one day, but the campus shuttle will discontinue servicing the lot after 9:00 PM. No vehicles may remain overnight and there is no parking in the Capitol-Humboldt lot between 2-5 a.m.

When is UPARK available?
Shuttle bus service is available daily Monday through Friday during regular class and final exam days of the Fall and Spring semesters.

Buses are scheduled to begin operation at about 5:30 a.m. at Capitol-Humboldt and continue operating until 9 p.m. during the Fall and Spring semesters Monday through Thursday. On Friday’s the Prowl Line will stop servicing the Capitoal and Humboldt UPARK at 6:00 p.m.

If I need help…?
A UPARK attendant is on duty at the lot and is available to assist you.

Where is the lot?
The location is northwest of campus. It is north on N. Humboldt Blvd. past the intersection of E. Capitol Dr. and N. Humboldt Blvd. Click here for a map showing the location of the UPARK lot. UPARK Google Map.

You can also see the location of the lot and relevent shuttle routes on our Interactive Parking Map.

Map and Schedule

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