Sociology of Deviant Behavior

SOCIOL 341, LEC 201

  • Class Number: 66624
  • Course Level: Undergraduate
  • Credits: 3
  • Meets Requirements:
  • Instructor: Kenneth Jackson
  • Course Dates:
This sociology course explores the ways in which deviant behavior is socially constructed, how individuals are labeled and stigmatized as deviants, and how mechanisms of social control are activated and challenged.
We will review, discuss and analyze why some behaviors, differences and people are considered deviant while others are not. Our tools in this exploration will include several theories of social deviance that can offer answers to our questions. More precisely, we will examine deviance as it appears in society as a series of social interactions.
The focus of this class is to work toward a deeper understanding of the individual and social forces affecting both conforming and deviant behaviors. We will accomplish this by beginning with definitions of deviance and proceeding to theories regarding the causes and the role of both social control and deviant behavior. There will be a broad range of specific behaviors considered for the purpose of providing a distinctly sociological frame of reference through which a fuller understanding of deviance may be gained, although other perspectives will be considered as well. Policy implications also will be discussed.