Student Information Release

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), college students are allowed to determine whether third parties (parents, employers, etc.) may access protected information about them.  UWM provides two primary ways for students to provide third parties with access to their information: PAWS Designate Access, and Student Consent Release.

PAWS Designate Access

Students have the ability to grant access to his/her record within PAWS by creating a Designate Access account. The account allows access to To Do Lists, Financials (including making payments and viewing Financial Aid), and Grades.

Creating a Designate Account

  1. Under Personal Information, click “Student Information Release”
  2. Click “Designate Access”
  3. Read privacy information and click “I agree to these conditions.”
  4. Click “Create Account.”
  5. Enter a name in “This Account Is For.”
  6. Create a password.
  7. Choose what information this new account may access by selecting “Give Access” or “Deny Access” in the drop-down menu for all items. Click “Save.”
    • A message will appear confirming that the account has been set up.
    • To add another account, click “Create Account” and follow the same process.

Once you have created an additional account, two e-mails will be sent to your UWM email account with the account ID and password. It is your responsibility to pass on this information to the account holder. You will receive two new e-mails each time an account is created or updated. Each student may have a maximum of three additional accounts at any time.

Information Provided to Designate Accounts

When you create an additional account, you have the ability to choose what information the account holder can view. Access may be granted as follows:

  • To Do Lists (provides items that applicants or students need to complete for a specific department on campus. For example, submitting a high school transcript to Admissions.)
  • Financials Make a Payment (includes viewing Financial Aid as well as making a payment for tuition.)
  • View Grades (includes viewing grades for current as well as previous semesters at UWM.)

Note: This access does not give anyone permission to call the University and ask questions regarding your account.

Who to Give Access To

Whether or not you give access to others is entirely up to you and is not recommended or required by UWM. If you do grant access, do so carefully and only for important reasons. Regardless, you should only give access to people you trust.

Deleting a Designate Access Account

Once an account is created, it can’t be deleted. However, access can be denied or the password can be changed, thereby preventing that account from accessing your information in the future.

  1. Under Personal Information, click “Grant Access to Others.”
  2. View your current accounts.
  3. Select the account you would like to remove.
    • You may either deny access to all areas for the account or change the password for the individual (see “How can I replace one of my old accounts with a new account?”)
  4. Click “Save.”

Replacing an Old Designate Account With a New Account

  1. Under Personal Information, click “Grant Access to Others.”
  2. View your current accounts.
  3. Select the account you would like to replace.
  4. Click “Reset Password.”
  5. Enter a new name in the “This Account Is For.”
  6. Create a new password.
  7. Confirm the new password.
  8. Choose what areas this new account may access.
  9. Click “Save.”

Note: Account access is not reset by the University. Created accounts will be active for as long as the student’s PAWS account is active. Students are responsible for all updates to logins and passwords for each account.

Student Information Release and the Family Right and Privacy Act