Your PantherCard is your student ID card. It gives you access to UWM resources.

Getting Your PantherCard
New Freshman receive their card at New Freshman Orientation, and the cost of the card is included in their New Freshman Fee.

Transfer Students pay a New Transfer Fee which includes their card cost.

All other students can purchase a card in the PantherCard Services for $10 (increasing to $15 as of July 1, 2017). The PantherCard Office in Union #143 is open during the following hours:

  • Fall/Spring: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
  • Summer: Monday through Friday, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Where to Use Your PantherCard
For safety reasons, you should always have your PantherCard with you while you’re on campus. It’s the easiest way to identify yourself as a student. You also need it to access these and other services:

The UPASS/M-Card: Your UWM Bus Pass
The UPASS/M-Card is a card device that allows you to ride any Milwaukee County Transit System bus for the entire semester at no charge. You must show a current Panthercard along with your UPASS/M-Card. Any UWM student who is taking at least one for-credit course on the main Kenwood campus is able to get a UPASS/M-Card.

The UPASS/M-Card can be picked up in the Parking & Transit Office up to one week before the start of a semester. If you lose your UPASS/M-Card, you can get a replacement in the Parking and Transit Office for a $15.00 fee.  However, students are only eligible for one replacement.

Visit the UPASS Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the Parking & Transit Office for more information.

Charging Items to Your PantherCard
Instead of using cash on campus, you have the option to activate a debit account, called a Gold Account, on your PantherCard. Students may use your activated account to make tax-free food purchases at restaurants in the Student Union and various buildings on campus.  In addition, you may use your Gold Account to purchase taxable goods and services in the Union building including the Panther Shop, all housing facilities and the SARUP lab.

To activate a Gold Account, visit the PantherCard Office in the Union to complete the PantherCard Gold Account Contract and deposit an initial balance. Reload the card balance at the PantherCard Office, or online through GetFunds.

A Resident Account is only available to students living in the dorms. The account is active on their PantherCard for the Resident Meal Plan. You can load money on your Resident Account for Meal Plan Charges using the kiosks in the residence halls or online through GetFunds.

Lost or Stolen PantherCards
If your PantherCard is lost or stolen and you have an active PantherCard account, contact the PantherCard Services immediately to deactivate the card.

You can purchase a replacement PantherCard in the Union for a $10.00 fee. If you had a UPASS sticker on your card, you can buy a replacement sticker in the Parking & Transit Office for an additional $45.00 fee.

If you don’t have a PantherCard and just need your 9-digit Student ID number, you can use the Campus ID Finder to have your 9-digit Student ID number sent to your UWM Email Address.

PantherCards for Online & Distance Students
PantherCards without a photo are available for 100% online students (students who never come to campus). If at some point you transition to classes on campus, update your card in the PantherCard Services so that you can access campus services.

To order a PantherCard without a photo, send an email to, including your full legal name, month and date of birth, and 9-digit Student ID number. The $10.00 order fee will be posted to your PAWS account, and the card will be sent to your PAWS mailing address.

Student Voter ID Card
Wisconsin voters need to present an acceptable form of photo identification at their polling place in order to be able to vote.  Most UW-Milwaukee students already have an acceptable photo ID, which may be any of the following:

  • A valid Wisconsin driver license or identification card
  • Military ID
  • A U.S. passport
  • A certificate of naturalization issued not earlier than two years before the date of the election at which it is presented
  • An identification card issued by a federally recognized Indian tribe in Wisconsin

Additional information on valid forms of voter ID can be found on the Bring It to the Ballot website published by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.

If you are a currently enrolled UWM student but do not already have one of the acceptable forms of photo ID and plan to cast your ballot in Wisconsin, you can receive a Student Voter ID card that is compliant with the Voter ID law. The Student Voter ID card is separate from your Panthercard. Please note that the Panthercard does not fulfill the requirements of the law and will not be accepted for voting purposes.

The Student Voter ID card is available to current students who need one at no cost in the PantherCard Services, Union #143.

In conjunction with the Student Voter ID card, you will be required to present a Voter ID Enrollment Letter as proof of current enrollment and residency.  You can access a printable version of the letter at any time by clicking on the Voter ID Enrollment Letter link under the Personal Information header on your PAWS account.  The Voter ID Enrollment Letter also can be used to prove residency in conjunction with another form of voter ID.

Go to the UW System Student Voting page for additional info on voting as a student.

Go to the My Vote Wisconsin page to determine if you’re registered to vote and identify your polling location.

My Personal and Contact Information

It’s important to keep your personal information up to date and to check your UWM Email Address frequently.

Your ePantherID and UWM Email Address
All students have an ePantherID, which is used to log into campus computers, campus email, PAWS, D2L, and many other UWM systems. Your password is the same everywhere you use your ePantherID.

The most common way for you to receive communications is through your UWM Email Address. Your Academic Advisor, instructors, and departments such as Financial Aid will expect you to use your UWM Email Address and to check it often.

If you have trouble logging in to your UWM Email Address or if you can’t access a computer on campus, call the Help Desk at (414) 229-4040.

Your PAWS Mailing Address
Anytime an item or a document needs to be sent to you from campus, (diplomas or financial aid refund checks, for example), it is sent to your PAWS Mailing Address. It’s important to keep this address current, especially if you’re an International, Online or Distance student.

To edit your PAWS Mailing Address, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to PAWS
  2. Under the yellow Personal Information header, click in the drop down menu and select Addresses, then click the yellow arrow button
  3. You can edit the current Mailing Address, or you can ADD A NEW ADDRESS
  4. For a new address, fill in the new information and select an effective date
  5. You can categorize multiple addresses as Mailing, Home, Business and Billing

If you live in a campus residence, your Campus address will appear automatically and you won’t be able to edit it.

Other PAWS Information and Changing Your Name
In addition to your physical address, you can update phone numbers, non-UWM email addresses, and emergency contacts. Just log in to PAWS and select one of the drop down options under the yellow Personal Information header.

If you change your name while you are a student or after you’ve graduated, you can complete a Student Record Data Change Form in person at the Registrar’s Office in Mellencamp 274 (or fax to 414-229-6940). You will have to bring legal documentation of your name change (such as marriage certifiacte, divorce papers, or court papers documenting name change; Social Security cards and driver’s license do not count as name change documentation) as well as a photo ID (such as dirver’s license or state issued ID, passport, or military ID).  Please note that if you are also an active or recent UWM employee, including a teaching assistant or student worker, you will need to update your name with UWM Human Resources in order for the change to take effect in PAWS.

International students who have a change to their Social Security number can also complete the Student Record Data Change Form in person at the Registrar’s Office. Just bring the new Social Security card.

You may also access the Student Record Data Change Form online and submit it to the Registrar’s Office electronically via web form or fax to 414-229-6940.  Supporting documentation may be required based on the type of change requested.  Please contact the Registrar’s Office with any questions.

Students who wish to use a preferred name instead of their legal name can find more information on the Registrar’s Preferred Name webpage.

My Enrollment Status and Verification

Your enrollment status and class standing are determined by your credit load, total credits you’ve taken, and the program you’re in. You may need to verify this information for another school, an employer, or for personal business.

The Registrar’s Office publishes all Enrollment Policies online.

Your Enrollment Status
Your Enrollment Status can be Full Time, Half Time, or Less than Half Time. You can use the table below to find your status based on how many credits you’re enrolled in.

Fall/Spring Semester Credit Totals
Student Full Time Half Time Less Than Half
Academic Opportunity Center 8 or more 6-7 1-5
All Other Undergraduates 12 or more 6-11 1-5
Graduates 8 or more 4-7 1-3
Summer Session Credit Totals
Student Full Time Half Time Less Than Half
Undergraduates 6 or more 3-5 1-2
Graduates 6 or more 3-5 1-2

Most financial aid sources require you to be at least a half-time student. The Financial Aid Office defines a half-time credit load as six or more credits for undergraduates and four or more credits for graduate students.

Your Class Standing
Your year in school is determined by the number of credits you’ve completed. You can review your completed credits using your Unofficial Transcript, or you can ask your Academic Advisor for assistance.

Class Standing by Credit Totals
Class Standing Sophomore Junior Senior
Academic Opportunity Center 24-55 56-87 88 or more
Business & Information Studies 24-55 56-85 86 or more
Letters & Science 24-55 56-87 88 or more
Nursing 28-57 58-95 96 or more
All Other Majors 24-57 58-85 86 or more


Enrollment Verification Requests


You can view and print an Enrollment Verification Certificate through PAWS once your semester information has been reported to the National Student Clearinghouse.

  1. Log in to PAWS
  2. Under the yellow Academics header, click in the drop down menu and select Proof of Enrollment, then click the yellow arrow button
  3. Click the blue Continue to Enrollment Verification link
  4. Click Obtain an enrollment certificate to view a printable document

If you require information other than just enrollment (e.g., GPA), you can drop off, mail, or fax a signed request to the Registrar’s Office.  Your signed request must include your name and address, campus ID or SSN, and a description of the information that is needed.  If you are enclosing a document that must be filled out as part of the request, please make sure specific information is included about what should be done with the document when completed.


Any student or alumnus, or third-party including parents, employers, companies, or agencies can request enrollment status or degree verifications via the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) website. Fees may apply.

  • Online anytime:
  • By Phone: (703) 742-4200, Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:15 pm EST
  • By Fax: (703) 742-4239

If you require information other than just enrollment (e.g., GPA), you can drop off, mail, or fax a signed request to the Registrar’s Office.  Your signed request must include your name and address, campus ID or SSN, and a description of the information that is needed.  If you are enclosing a document that must be filled out as part of the request, please make sure specific information is included about what should be done with the document when completed.

You can mail or fax a Graduate Student Verification Request Form to the Graduate School – ATTN: Verifications, or make your request in person at Mitchell Hall Room #261.

Sharing and Protecting My Information

UWM does its part to keep your information safe. Under FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privileges Act, you have options for sharing or withholding your information.

You can review the complete FERPA policy online.

Giving Access to Others
Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), college students are allowed to determine whether third parties (parents, employers, etc.) may access protected information about them.  UWM provides two primary ways for students to provide third parties with access to their information: PAWS Designate Access, and Student Consent Release.

Review the Registrar’s Office Student Information Release page for details and instructions.

Contact Restriction in PAWS
UWM publishes an annual directory in print and online. By default, the directory includes your address, phone, UWM Email Address, year in school and degree program. You have the right to withhold your Contact Information from being published in the directory.

  1. Log in to PAWS
  2. Under the yellow Personal Information header, click on the blue Change Contact Restriction button
  3. Click the Yes button to make your contact information private, then click Save
Public Education Records
Your Public Education Record includes your contact information, date of birth, majors, degrees, enrollment status, and some extra-curricular activities. Anyone can request your Public Educational Records, but you have the right to opt out.

Even if you restrict your contact information from the UWM directory in PAWS, your information is still available as a Public Education Record. To opt out, you have to complete a Student Record Data Change Form in person at the Registrar’s Office.

Think carefully before opting out of Public Education Records. If you opt out, your name will not appear in honor roles or commencement programs, and UWM can’t verify your enrollment.

Private Education Records
Your Private Education Record includes your Social Security and Campus ID numbers, grades, GPA, course history and academic actions. Private Records can’t be released without your permission.

Some departments, such as the Dean’s Office, can view your records at any time without your permission. Also, in the event of an emergency or legal situation, or if it’s in your best interest as a student, your Private Records may be released.