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If you have a question that isn’t answered here, reach out to your Academic Advisor or contact the Registrar’s Office for help.

How do I know my Student ID number?
Your 9-digit Student ID number is printed on your PantherCard. If you don’t have your PantherCard and need your 9-digit Student ID number, you can use the Campus ID Finder to have it sent to your UWM Email Address.
How do I request enrollment verification?
You can review instructions for printing your own PAWS Enrollment Verification Certificate. For a third party request, review the Verification Requests information.
How do I know my student status?
You can use your completed/enrolled credit totals on the Student Status & Class Standing tables. Look up your credit totals in PAWS or ask your Academic Advisor for help.
How do I get a replacement PantherCard?
For lost, stolen, or damaged PantherCards, you can buy a replacement PantherCard in the Union Panthercard Office for $10.00. If you lose your PantherCard and you had an active account, you should call the Union Panthercard Office immediately to deactivate your account. You can get a replacement UPASS sticker in the Parking & Transit Office for a $45.00 fee.
How do I get a bus pass?
You are eligible for a free UPASS as long as you are an active UWM student who is enrolled in at least one class on campus. The UPASS is a sticker for your PantherCard that allows you to ride any Milwaukee County Transit System bus during the semester. You can pick up your sticker from the Parking and Transit Office on the ground floor of the Union.
How do I change my address?
Update your address, phone number, or emergency contacts online through PAWS.
Classes & Enrollment
If you have a question that isn’t answered here, reach out to your Academic Advisor or contact the Registrar’s Office for help.

How do I enroll in classes?
As long as you are an active UWM student and the Enrollment Period is open, you can enroll in classes online through PAWS. If you don’t know how to use PAWS or need help choosing classes, contact your Academic Advisor.
How do I view my holds?
Holds will appear in your PAWS Student Center under the yellow Holds header. You will see an explanation of the hold and the action you need to take to remove it. If you’re having trouble understanding your holds, contact the Help Desk at (414) 229-4040.
How do I change my schedule?
To change your schedule before the “Add Deadline,” log in to PAWS to swap class sections or add/drop classes. After the “Add Deadline” you should work with your Academic Advisor to add, drop, or change classes.
How does a waitlist work?
If you’re interested in a class that’s full, you can add yourself to the class waitlist. If someone who is already enrolled decides to drop, the first name on the waitlist is added. The waitlist is only active until the Friday before classes begin and doesn’t guarantee enrollment. Ask your Academic Advisor for other options to add a full class.
How do I withdraw from school?
If you want to drop all of your classes and leave UWM, you need to complete a withdrawal. Before the scheduled “Last day to withdraw for the term without charge,” you can drop all of your classes in PAWS yourself. After this date, you will need to complete a withdrawal form with your Academic Advisor.
How do I fill out the Add/Drop form?
Your Academic Advisor can help you fill out the Add/Drop Form, which is only used for adding or dropping a class after the “Add Deadline.” Completed forms are submitted in person at the Registrar’s Office.
How do I know if my class is a GER?
If a class satisfies any of the General Education Requirements, it is noted in the Schedule of Classes and on PAWS. Your Academic Advisor can break down which of the General Education Requirements you have met or need to meet, and can make class suggestions.
When are my final exams scheduled?
Final exams take place in December for the Fall semester and in May for the Spring semester. Your instructor will typically share your final exam schedule with you. You can also review the Final Exam Schedule page to look up your exam day and time.
How do I declare or change my major?
Your Academic Advisor can walk you through the process of declaring or changing a major or minor. Most students declare a major by the end of sophomore year. If you are having trouble choosing a major, or if you don’t like the major you’ve chosen, the Career Development Center can help you find a major that interests you and applies your skills and background.
Grades & Transcripts
If you have a question that isn’t answered here, reach out to your Academic Advisor or contact the Registrar’s Office for help.

How do I get my Official Transcripts?
How do I get my Unofficial Transcripts?
How much do my transcripts cost?
Official Transcripts are $10.00 per copy, and you can request expedited delivery of hard copies for an additional $13.00 ($23.00 total). Unofficial Transcripts are free, however you can only make one request per semester in person at the Registrar’s Office or one request per day in PAWS.
How do I look up my grades?
You can look up your grades and GPA online through PAWS. You can view your grades for previous UWM courses as well as term GPA and transfer credit.
How do I calculate my GPA?
Your Grade Point Average is equal to the total number of Grade Points you’ve received divided by the number of credits you’ve attempted. You can use the GPA Calculator online, or you can ask your Academic Advisor for assistance.
How do I challenge a grade?
To challenge or appeal a grade you’ve been given, you should first speak with the course instructor to understand the reasons for the grade. If you want to pursue a grade appeal, work with your Academic Advisor to begin the process.
Student Finances

For questions about your Financial Aid, type a question into the “Ask The Panther” tool or contact the Financial Aid Office.

For questions regarding your bill, charges, or payments, contact the Bursar Office.