Getting Prepared

Get_PreparedBefore your pantherLINK emails, contacts, and calendar appointments are moved to Office 365, there are some steps you should take to prepare your account:


To make life a little easier, we created Office 365 Migration Checklists for you to use before and after the migration. They’re recommended for all students, faculty, and staff.

Follow the pre-migration checklist to ensure your account is ready for migration and you are prepared for a University business day without email and calendar. The post-migration checklist will provide initial, post-migration steps you should take and information on what to expect when you log into Office 365 for the first time.


  1. Take care of your large emails. Messages larger than 25 MB won’t migrate to Office 365. They must be deleted or have their attachments removed. Identify these messages by typing “bigger:25mb” in the search box at the top of pantherLINK, and then click Search. Or, check out the guides below.
  2. Clean-up your inbox and folders. To ease the migration process for everyone, please delete any emails you no longer need and are not subject to records retention schedules.
  3. Update your email clients. If you prefer to use a desktop email client, we recommend Outlook 2010 or 2013 for Windows and Outlook 2011 for Mac. 
If you are running an older version of Outlook, please upgrade before the transition.
  4. Identify devices connected to your mailbox. If you check email only through a web browser, you’re all set here. If you check your mail using your smartphone or tablet or from desktop clients on multiple computers, make sure all devices are properly configured at the time of the transition. Instructions on configuring devices with Office 365 are on their way.
  5. Know how to get support. To report problems or get help preparing your pantherLINK account for migration to Office 365, please work with your department’s IT or computer support staff or contact the UWM Help Desk. To get started on your own, check out the guides and video tutorials below.


Unsure about the process for preparing your account? Check out our nifty Get Ready for Office 365 Guide and Flowchart PDFs.

Video Tutorials

Below are some handy how-to videos on the necessary tasks for preparing your account for the transition. Flash is required.
Identifying and Searching

How do I find a folder’s size and trim its largest emails? (2:55)
How do I search for the largest emails in my account? (3:37)
How do I perform an advanced search? (4:26)

Deleting Items, Folders, and Emptying Folders
Managing Mobile Devices

How do I manage my mobile devices within pantherLINK? (1:46)


Learn how to prepare your pantherLINK account for migration by registering for a Get Ready for Office 365 workshop conducted by Learning TECHniques. This one-hour workshop will walk you through locating email messages over 25MB, downloading and removing attachments, deleting emails and email folders, and emptying the Trash folder. Check the schedule for upcoming workshops.


If you have questions about the migration to Office 365, check out our Common Questions page. If your question is not listed, drop us a line on the Contact page. We will reply with an answer as soon as possible.