Common Questions

Below are some answers to common questions we’ve been receiving and links to related resources. If you can’t find an answer to your Office 365 question here, please contact the UWM Help Desk by calling 414-229-4040 (toll-free 877-381-3459) or submit an online help request at

Working with Office 365

How do I access Office 365?
You can access Office 365 using an internet browser, desktop client, and mobile device. For information about these different methods, go to the Accessing Office 365 page.

Supported internet browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari. Just go to or navigate there from Remember to use your full UWM email address and ePanther password to log in!

Supported desktop clients include Outlook 2010 or 2013 (for Windows) and Outlook 2011 or Mac OS X Mail (for Mac). Most mobile devices can be synced with Office 365 and methods for doing so vary by device. Go to the Get Connected page to see instructions for setting up Office 365 for desktop clients and mobile devices.


How do I set up my mobile device to work with Office 365?
Information on setting up Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices is located on the Getting Connected page.


Do I need to reconfigure my mobile device if it worked with pantherLINK?
Yes, mobile devices configured to work with pantherLINK need to be reconfigured to sync with the new Office 365 email/calendar servers. Information for setting up your mobile devices is located on the Getting Connected page.


Why do some messages in my account reappear after I move or delete them?
Unlike pantherLINK, Office 365 displays email messages by “conversations” by default. Conversations display messages hierarchically by topic, grouping related messages together regardless of when they were sent or received.

The conversation remains intact even when you move or delete its individual messages. So, when you receive someone’s reply to a conversation in your inbox, the entire conversation becomes visible again regardless of where its individual messages are located. This can give the appearance of emails reappearing, but they are actually being displayed as part of a larger conversation and are still located in their respective folders.

To turn conversations off for individual folders, click CONVERSATIONS BY DATE above the message pane and switch CONVERSATIONS to “off” in the menu. This turns conversations off for the current folder and displays individual messages by date instead.


Can I still send meeting invites to pantherLISTs?
Unfortunately, no. Office 365 does not support the distribution of meeting invites via pantherLISTs like back in the pantherLINK days. IT staff are working on implementing a similar feature, but please consider utilizing Office 365’s Contact Groups feature in the meantime.


Where is the email spell checker in the Outlook Web App?The Outlook Web App does not provide a spell checker because it relies on your internet browser’s spell-checking capabilities instead. The latest versions of all the most common internet browsers, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Internet Explorer 10+) spell-check automatically.

Older versions of Internet Explorer (specifically IE9 and earlier) do not include a spell-checker. If you have IE9 or another browser that does not contain a spell-checker, it is recommended you update to a newer version of IE or switch to one of the other browsers listed above when accessing Office 365 via the Outlook Web App.


What's up with the colored boxes next to peoples' names and pictures?
These colored boxes display an individual’s “presence” which reflects their current chat status:

  • A green box indicates the user is signed in and available for chat.
  • A yellow box indicates the user is signed in, but currently idle or away.
  • A red box indicates the user is signed in, but currently unavailable.
  • A white box indicates the user is signed out of chat.

To learn more about chat in Office 365, go to the Lync How-To’s page.


What is maximum message size in Office 365?
The maximum message size in Office 365 is 25MB. Users are unable to send or receive messages larger than 25MB.


What are the Office 365 quota amounts?
Users will be given 50GB of email and calendar storage. In addition, everyone will have 1TB of online file storage through OneDrive.


Is my UWM email address the same in Office 365 as it was in pantherLINK?
Yes, your email address is unaffected by the migration to Office 365. In fact, you use your full UWM email address and ePanther password to log in at


What is included in Office 365?
Office 365 includes the following service for all students, faculty, and staff:

  • Outlook email, calendar, and more
  • OneDrive file storage and sharing
  • Lync instant and video messaging
  • OfficeOnline productivity suite

Office ProPlus

What is Office ProPlus?
Office ProPlus Advantage is a program offered by Microsoft that allows current UWM students, faculty and staff to download the full Office 2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) Pro Plus edition at no cost.


Who is eligible to receive Office ProPlus?
Currently enrolled UWM students and University faculty and staff are eligible for the Office ProPlus.


When I am no longer enrolled at UWM, what will happen to my Office ProPlus license?
Once you are no longer enrolled at UWM your Office ProPlus license will expires. To continue using Office Pro Plus you will be required to purchase a license for personal use.


How do I download Office ProPlus?
For instructions on downloading Office ProPlus, please go to ProPlus Advantage for Students, Faculty and Staff.


Which Office programs are included with my Office ProPlus License?
Office ProPlus provides students, faculty and staff on Windows machines with a cloud-based version of Microsoft Office 2013, including the following applications:

ProPlus ApplicationsOn Macs, ProPlus provides a cloud-based version of Office 2011 and includes the following programs:

MSFT_logos_actual-1AWord, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook

OneNote for Mac is available for download from the Mac App Store.

Are there mobile versions of the Microsoft Office suite available through ProPlus?

There are free Microsoft Office apps available without your Office ProPlus license. For Android and iOS devices, look for the app “Office Mobile” by Microsoft in your device’s app store. For iPad users, there are also versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote developed specifically for the iPad, available on the app store.

Additionally, mobile versions of OneDrive (called “OneDrive for Business”) and Lync are available for iOS and Android devices.

How many devices can I have Office installed on with myOffice ProPlus License?

You are allowed to have Office activated on five devices. Activations on devices can be managed through the “Office 365 Settings” portal inside your Office 365 account.

Do I need a product code to activate Office ProPlus?

Nope! No product code is needed; just sign in using your UWM email address and password when prompted to while installing.

Support, Training, and Documentation

Who should I contact if I have questions about Office 365?
Please contact the UWM Help Desk by calling 414-229-4040 (toll-free 877-381-3459 or visiting


Is training available for Office 365?
Yes, beginning Monday, July 28th, Learning TECHniques will offer free, hands-on Office 365 training on the Email and Calendar apps in the Outlook Web App. Staff are also working on Outlook 2013 and Lync & OneDrive courses.

Step-by-step guides and video tutorials are available for the Email, Calendar, Lync and OneDrive apps (and we’re adding more stuff all the time).


What sort of resources are available to help me use Office 365?
We are working on creating all kinds of helpful content, including step-by-step guides and video how-to’s on the Email, CalendarLync and OneDrive apps, a list of Known Issues, Client Setup Guides, and more.

The site will be the ongoing support resource for Office 365, supplemented by LearningTECHniques and Microsoft.