Counseling & Consultation Services

Counseling services are available for students at University Counseling Services located on the 5th Floor of the Northwest Quadrant. Use the ORANGE elevators to access the 5th floor. Exit elevator to the right and find reception at the fall end of the hallway. 

** See UWM’s Mental Health website for more Mental Health, AODA and resources and links

** See Counseling’s Let’s Talk page for detailed information on the Let’s Talk service

** See Information About The National Depression Screening Day Event on October 4, 2017

The Norris Health Center Counseling & Consultation Service provides evaluation and short-term counseling for students with Mental Health and/or Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) concerns. If it is assessed that your need for services requires longer-term counseling or resources/competencies beyond what we can provide, we will assist with a referral to an appropriate community/off-campus mental health or AODA provider.

If your situation is a crisis in which you are feeling unstable, unable to function well, or fearful for your personal safety, brief emergency screenings are available daily between 8am-4pm with either a crisis counselor or a member of the counseling staff. Norris Health Center does not offer emergency psychiatric services.

Psychiatric consultations and short-term medication management are available on a limited basis for students with a clinical need for these services.

Counseling & Consultation staff are available to consult with faculty, staff, family and friends who are concerned about a student. Within limits of confidentiality and expertise, we will assist in the process of obtaining counseling or other appropriate assistance for the student. Counseling & Consultation staff also provides outreach to the campus in the form of classroom presentations, mental health screening days, trainings and small group interventions.

Your visits are private and no one outside of Norris Health Center is given any information about you or your treatment without your written permission. Our staff consists of licensed counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists who are specifically trained in issues of confidentiality.

Our services are available to all currently enrolled students who have paid the student segregated fee. You must have paid fees each semester that you are in counseling. Students not enrolled in summer classes but who were enrolled the previous spring or are enrolled for the subsequent fall term may pay a separate summer fee for use of Norris Health Center services during the summer.

What services are not available?

The Norris Health Center Counseling & Consultation service does not provide ANY mandated services, or those that may require either court testimony and/or letters/reports to be filed with any branch of city/county/state/or federal courts; any state Department of Probation and Parole; or any state/county Department of Social Services where litigation is either involved or pending. We also do not provide letters/reports for the purposes of maintaining eligibility for services or funding through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Additionally, we do not provide comprehensive test batteries to determine the presence of learning or vocational disabilities.

For more information on our services please see our brochure: Counseling & Consultation Services or if you have further questions please see Counseling & Consultation Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Brochures

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Online Screening

Online screenings for depression, anxiety, PTSD and eating disorders. These anonymous screening measures are used throughout the U.S. and on hundreds of college campuses. Take the tests and receive feedback as well as resources for professional services.

** See UWM’s Mental Health website for more Mental Health, AODA and resources and links