Joan Blakey says a dedicated court system could help women with a history of prostitution address the mental health, substance abuse and education needs that often are barriers to a successful exit from prostitution. (UWM Photo/Troye Fox)

To exit prostitution, courts and safety are key

Joan Blakey is helping to develop a Milwaukee court that keeps women with a history of prostitution out of jail, connecting them with the help they need to heal and move beyond prostitution.

Jim Keinart, a gas technician at We Energies, field-tested a prototype of a new kind of wrench designed at UWM. (UWM Photo/Troye Fox)

A wrench fends off injury, feeds the economy 

Engineering Professor Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan and her students designed a wrench that reduces injuries among gas utility workers, prompting a Wisconsin-based tool company to snap up the license and sell the product.

Fitness program improves firefighter safety

UWM professor Kyle Ebersole has partnered with the Milwaukee Fire Department to design specialized fitness programs that help new recruits gear up for the job’s rigors and speed the recovery of injured firefighters.

Pradeep Rohatgi (right) directs students in the College of Engineering & Applied Science's metal casting lab, where they test metal composites with a variety of smart capabilities. (UWM Photo/Troye Fox)

Metals smart enough to save gas

A UWM scientist invented a self-lubricating metal that increases fuel efficiency in cars, and he’s working with alumni and industry partners to bring the “super metal” to market.


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UWM opens world-class research complex

The first new building to open on UW-Milwaukee’s East Side campus in 20 years, the $80 million Kenwood Interdisciplinary Research Complex provides world-class facilities and state-of-the-art equipment for research in physics, public health and other fields.

Blood flow may reveal how we think

UW-Milwaukee engineer Ramin Pashaie is building a device that could help answer a particularly puzzling biological question – how blood is directed to the brain to power thinking.

New app tackles head trauma

The UWM App Brewery and Medical College of Wisconsin have created a free smartphone app that helps diagnose and track the treatment of head injuries among young athletes.

A quest to make nanoparticles safe

Rebecca Klaper, a professor of freshwater sciences, is part of a research team investigating what happens when man-made nanoparticles get into the environment.

Spotlight : Entrepreneurship

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Federal program taps UWM to grow startups

UWM has joined 35 other I-Corps sites across the country to help bring good research ideas to market. The goal: to coach 90 entrepreneurial teams in southeastern Wisconsin by fall 2017.

Startup culture gets new home at UWM

The Lubar Center for Entrepreneurship at UW-Milwaukee will be a campus facility where all students can join a community of “makers,” practice business skills, find mentors and learn innovative thinking.