UWM alum helps keep Green Bay Packers’ brains healthy

UWM alum Michael McCrea has been a pioneer in the field of brain injury.

McCrea, who earned two degrees in clinical psychology from UWM – a master’s in 1991 and a PhD in 1994 – has garnered international recognition for his research on mild traumatic brain injury and the associated implications for public health policy. Concussions have become a major public health concern at all levels of sport and in the military, two areas that have benefitted from McCrea’s extensive research and effective advocacy.

The author of perhaps the most widely referenced book on mild traumatic brain injury used among physicians today, McCrea also developed the standardized test that many coaches and trainers use to assess concussions. And he’s one of two clinical neuropsychologists who attend every Green Bay Packers game to assess head injuries among players.

“I have been fortunate enough in my professional life to marry together my passion for competitive sports and my love for science,” said McCrea, a board-certified professor of neurosurgery and director of brain injury research at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

McCrea received the UWM Alumni Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016 for his work.


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