UWM geologists uncover Antarctica’s fossil forests

UWM geologists uncover Antarctica’s fossil forests

At the far reaches of the Earth, UWM geologists are exploring the forests that once covered what is now Antarctica some 260 million years ago. They’re hoping to find clues to explain the mass extinction that snuffed out 90 percent of the world’s species.

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Phenology tracking network cofounded by UWM climatologist honored

When the National Parks Service wanted know if spring was coming earlier at many national parks around the U.S., it turned to the USA National Phenology Network (USA-NPN), an online environmental change-tracking resource cofounded by Mark D. Schwartz, UWM distinguished professor of geography. The National Phenology Network provides Start of Spring maps and tools that […]

UWM joins new $20 million institute on Great Lakes research

UWM’s School of Freshwater Sciences is a partner in a new research institute focused on sustainable management of the Great Lakes. The Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research represents a partnership between nine universities across the Great Lakes region, plus nongovernmental organizations and private businesses. CIGLR is led by the University of Michigan and funded […]