Undergraduates compete for research glory

More than 270 UWM students from across disciplines presented results of their research from this academic year at the annual symposium sponsored by the UWM Office of Undergraduate Research on April 28. The projects included oral, performance and poster presentations on a range of topics – from sustainable neighborhoods to the effect of meditation on […]

New study: Sad images can help charities attract donors

Television advertisements showing sad-faced, hungry children may seem cliché, but they’re probably an effective way for charities to attract new donors. That’s one takeaway from a new study conducted by Xiaoxia Cao, an assistant professor in the Department of Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies (JAMS). Cao looked at whether images of happy or sad people […]

Roads Scholars

UWM engineering associate professors Xiao Qin and Troy Liu pore over data pulled from roadside sensors, mobile phones and simple police crash reports, all with the goal of making driving safer.

The Young Caregivers

Very little is known about the million-plus American children providing significant medical care for adults. Melinda Kavanaugh wants to change that.

Atherton delivers prestigious John Dewey philosophy lecture

Margaret Atherton, UWM distinguished professor of philosophy, delivered the 2017 John Dewey lecture at the American Philosophical Association Central Division meeting on March 2. She credited the reputation of UWM’s philosophy department as a major reason for being selected. Although the department doesn’t grant doctoral degrees, its master’s program has been instrumental in preparing students […]

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