Art exhibition by UWM students visualizes realities of racism, inequality

Milwaukee _ University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee students put a contemporary human rights movement under the microscope in an exhibition of artwork produced as part of an honors class. The work, collectively titled “Art Expo #BlackLivesMatter,” is on display from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., May 5-10, in the UWM Art History Gallery, Mitchell Hall, 3203 N. […]

UWM professors share research on local Muslims with Paris colleagues

UWM professors Caroline Seymour-Jorn, (French, Italian and Comparative Literature), Anna Mansson McGinty (Geography and Women’s Studies) and Kristin Sziarto (Geography) presented a seminar and led a workshop on the Muslim Milwaukee Project at the Université Paris-Est, March 15-17. The researchers were invited by the Justice, Espace, Discriminations, Inégalités working group of the Labex Urban Futures […]

UWM astronomer helps identify a new cosmic searchlight

When astronomers located and identified the source of a fast radio burst, or FRB, they became able to employ the distinctive characteristics of the signal measure the material lying between the object and Earth. David Kaplan, an astronomer at UW-Milwaukee, is a member of the team that searched through data from other telescopes and also […]

UWM astronomer helps find cosmic searchlight

New Fast Radio Burst discovery finds ‘missing matter’ in the universe MILWAUKEE _ An international team of scientists using a combination of radio and optical telescopes has for the first time managed to identify the location of a fast radio burst, allowing them to confirm the current cosmological model of the distribution of matter in […]