Student Resources

Hosting a Safe House Party

If you decide to have guests, it is crucial that you keep in mind the responsibilities of being the host as well as the potential consequences of not handling the situation correctly. Check out this document and follow the tips on how to have a safe house party. Doing so can help you have a good time and assist you in ensuring the well-being of everyone in attendance.

Rooms for Rent/Subleases

Are you living in a property but you have a room you’d like to rent out to another person? Maybe you only have one roommate but found the perfect three bedroom? Do your parents/guardians own the house you live in? This is the place to enter your ad.

Roommate Requests

Are you new to UWM? Do you want to find roommates? You can enter your own ad so people can search for you as a roommate. You can also search other people’s ads that are looking for roommates. Remember when searching for roommates that it is important to think about your personal living style and choices.

Landlord Complaint Form

This links to a complaint form for landlord complaints (negligence, disrepair, etc.). This form may be filled out by long-term residents affected as well as by student renters. The complaint form assists the Neighborhood Housing Office in keeping track of less-than-ideal landlords. If filing a complaint you will need a copy of your lease (if you were provided one). Then the landlord will receive a letter stating a complaint has been received and will have 30 days to remedy the complaint. If the complaint is not remedied then they will be suspended from the Neighborhood Housing Office website for 6 months.

Homestead Tax Credit

The Homestead Credit is a tax benefit for renters and homeowners with low or moderate incomes. If you live off-campus, you might qualify to get a tax refund for paying rent. It is designed to lessen the impact of rent and property taxes. Qualifying persons can get back some or all of their state taxes withheld during the year. Those who do not have earnings, or whose earnings were too small to have taxes withheld, can get extra cash back from the State. If you meet all of the qualifications, you must complete a Wisconsin Homestead Credit Claim, Schedule H or Schedule H-EZ, to determine the amount of any benefit available. You can not claim the Homestead Credit if your parents claim you as a dependent. For assistance with taxes or the Homestead Credit visit the check out the tax clinic by AARP and the Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership & Research.