Professional Staff

Jacob Arambel,Jacob

Neighborhood Housing Coordinator

Phone: (414) 229-6999

FAX: (414)229-4274

Media Specialist

This position is in charge of managing our social media presence. They also create designs and artistic works for our various projects including managing and maintaining our website. They work very close with UWM’s marketing team to brand our office. Media specialists also work with program specialists to assist with customer service.

Jaimie Anderson

Program Specialist

Program Specialists are student staff with significant leadership and administrative responsibilities in the Neighborhood Housing Office. In addition to daily office functions, the program specialists serve in a variety of capacities, including managing website listings for available housing, assisting student tenants regarding their rights and responsibilities, and making referrals to campus and community resources. Program specialists also provide customer service to students, landlords, and community members. They are responsible for planning events hosted by the Neighborhood Housing Office.

Azadeh Shemirani | Ean Holtz

Office Manager

The student Office Manager is responsible for professional customer service and the maintenance of the office. They will be responsible for ensuring that all daily, weekly, and monthly tasks are completed and recorded. They act as the “face” of the office, serving at the reception station during office hours. Office cleanliness, professionalism, and supply tracking are the key responsibilities for the office manager.

Jeremy Zelman

COAST Leader

COAST(Community Outreach and Assistant for Student Tenants) Leaders are students with diverse interests and majors including psychology, journalism, art and Industrial Engineering. They are selected by the Neighborhood Housing Office staff based on the diversity of their experiences, their ability to interact with different types of people, and their willingness to put time and energy into connecting the off-campus community to the University.

Juan Perez