Milwaukee’s East Side is home to a diverse community that continues to grow. Most students who live off-campus choose to live in these neighborhoods because this is where UW-Milwaukee is located, however, students also live and work in communities outside of the East Side.

Upper East Side (UWM Area)

The UW-Milwaukee campus is primarily located in the Upper East Side. Many UW-Milwaukee students choose to live here because it is close to school. Several smaller neighborhoods make up the Upper East Side, including Murray Hill, Cambridge Woods, and the Historic Water Tower.


Riverwest is one of Milwaukee’s largest neighborhoods. Across the river from campus, this neighborhood is home to many students from UW-Milwaukee as well as longterm residents, families, and more.


Located just north of the UW-Milwaukee campus, Shorewood is a suburb of Milwaukee. It is a quieter area that is popular among graduate students.

Lower East Side

The Lower East Side is a bustling neighborhood that’s centrally located between various college campuses in Milwaukee. As a result, many college students, including some from UW-Milwaukee, live in this area.


Downtown Milwaukee is the heart of the city. From restaurants and theaters to shops and museums, downtown is always buzzing. Some students from UW-Milwaukee live or work downtown.