Program Goals

The COAST Leader program was started at UWM with several goals in mind. Safety precautions in the areas surrounding the UWM campus can be reinforced by healthy relationships between neighbors and students living off-campus. Good relationships between student tenants and long-term residents build a sense of shared responsibility, which can result in greater cooperation in keeping neighborhoods clean and safe. Students living off-campus benefit from information about campus resources that are available to them, and for mediation and referral services provided by COAST Leaders. Both long-term residents and students benefit from the presence of student-community liaisons, from informational and social events regularly organized by COAST Leaders, and from the resultant increased communication.

How do COAST Leaders achieve goals

Each COAST Leader serves as a special advocate for students and is assigned individual city blocks in and around the UWM campus.  Each COAST Leader becomes involved in their neighborhoods by site visits, and being involved with events within the commuinty.

COAST Leaders…

  • Participate in a comprehensive training week at the beginning of the semester
  • Write articles for the monthly COAST newsletter, which they personally distribute to their residents
  • Speak with students who live off-campus and with area residents about neighborhood concerns
  • Refer students to on-campus organizations and represent the Neighborhood Housing Office
  • Meet weekly for group meetings and one-on-ones with the program director
  • Develop relationships with their respective neighborhood association(s) by regularly attending meetings
  • Represent the student voice at neighborhood association meetings

COAST Leaders’ foremost goal is to assist students living off-campus in the UWM neighborhoods. They encourage community involvement, awareness of community issues, and communication between neighbors.