Neighborhood Associations

Map of Neighborhood Associations


If you are unsure which Neighborhood Association (NA) you live in be sure to take a look at this helpful map.


the largest NA in the 3rd district. It is also the most diverse ethnically, economically, and in lifestyle.

Cambridge Woods 

A small, quiet neighborhood with mostly single-family homes and flats. The “boat house” on Cambridge Avenue is its most famous landmark.


The smallest NA in the area, located between UWM, Cambridge Woods, and Shorewood South. Mariners features diverse architecture, including a duplex in the National Register of Historic Places.

Riverside Park

Located next to the Milwaukee River, this NA features the Urban Ecology Center as well as a length of the Oak Leaf bike trail.

Historic Water Tower 

Marked by grand estates along Lake Drive, this NA is one of the most desirable locales in Milwaukee. The name derives from the story-book water tower on North Avenue.

Murray Hill

Chock-full of shopping on both ends, restaurants, apartment buildings, single-family homes, and churches, Murray Hill meets the diverse needs of a diverse population.

Greenwich Village 

An exciting retail and residential district, Greenwich Village provides access to the Lake, the Milwaukee River, downtown, and UWM.

Lake Park Friends

Lake Park Friends is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the preservation and enjoyment of Lake Park, to sponsor educational, recreational and cultural events in the park, and to raise funds for the restoration and enhancement of the park in the spirit of Frederick Law Olmsted.