Hands-on Workshop

A new opportunity starting in 2013 is a hands-on workshop in which participants will learn how to use the Optical Micro-Spectroscopy System (OptiMiS™; which is the commercial version of the UWM spectrally resolved two photon microscope technology) in FRET-based imaging of living cells.

Following the conclusion of the Symposium on Saturday, participants will travel to the UWM-Small Business Collaboratory on the UWM campus to spend the afternoon working directly with the OptiMiS™ system to image live cells. Participants return to UWM Sunday morning to learn how to analyze the imaged data collected Saturday afternoon.

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will receive a complimentary copy of a data analysis software program for use in their research facility. A fee of $495 per person will be charged to cover all lab materials and personnel costs, printed materials, lodging, and meals.