Math Lit Pathway

Math 92 (U; 0 SCH); Math 102 (U; 3 SCH)

What’s different about this course is that it applies more to real life, so we’re doing a lot more with something we’ll actually use compared to algebra class in high school, where we were just working with formulas. In some situations it’s really helpful because it seems more understandable.

The Mathematical Literacy Pathway is a two-semester math experience appropriate for any college student testing into developmental math. At the end of the pathway, you’ll have completed your General Education/Quantitative Literacy Part A requirement. The content of the pathway prepares you for quantitative demands you will encounter in future math and science classes, the rest of your academic career, and your life. In Math Lit, the focus is on concepts, understanding, and reasoning. However, it’s different from any other math class experience you’ve ever had – you’ll work in groups, on real world problems, and learn the importance of mathematics in context and how to communicate your knowledge. The Mathematical Literacy pathway can branch to a STEM-path (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and also serves students who have different needs for their academic majors – most notably statistics and basic science courses.

This Pathway is taught using a spiral approach. During the first cycle, the basic facts of a subject are learned, without worrying about details. Then, as learning progresses, more and more details are introduced, while at the same time they are related to the basics which are reemphasized many times to help enter them into long-term memory. The sample lesson to the left is from the second cycle.