Flipped/ALEKS Pathway

Math 94 (U; 0 SCH); Math 103 or 105 (U; 3 SCH)

 “This class was a lot of work but totally worth it because I got 3 classes done in one semester.”

This pathway, developed as a collaborative effort between UW-Colleges and UWM, utilizes a flipped-classroom design that requires students to watch YouTube lectures at home, with in-class time devoted to discussions and practice of material. This pathway also makes extensive use of ALEKS (www.aleks.com), an online artificially intelligent learning software. Math 94 covers content ranging from basic mathematics to beginning algebra, and allows the student to fill in holes that may exist in their knowledge. It also includes the possibility of acceleration, potentially allowing a student to finish their developmental math and General Education/Quantitative Literacy Part A requirement in one semester.