Algebraic Lit Pathway

Math 98 (U; 0 SCH); Math 108 (U; 3 SCH)

 “I love that I can watch the video lectures many times and understand things on my own terms.”

The Algebraic Literacy Pathway prepares your for mathematics futures that include business calculus (Math 211), pre-calculus (Math 116/117) leading to calculus (Math 231), 100-level Chemistry courses, and other courses requiring a background beyond the Mathematical Literacy Pathway. The focus of this Pathway is on building understanding of mathematical systems, but emphasizing not only the symbolism and manipulation that you might remember from high school, but also modeling and application that will build the conceptual knowledge that you need to succeed. The Algebraic Literacy Pathway includes quantitative topics from areas besides algebra, which supports the needs of both STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) bound students and other students, and satisfies the General Education/Quantitative Literacy Part A requirement for graduation.

The sample lesson to the left shows how this all works – real world examples that demonstrate why concepts are important, but enough theory to build the base you need for future success.