Undergraduate Advising

General Advising

Professor Kevin McLeod

Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies
EMS E481    414-229-5269     math-ugrad-assoc-chair@uwm.edu

  • By appointment/email

Professor Suzanne Boyd

Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Studies
EMS E443     414-708-6472 (cell)     math-ugrad-asst-chair@uwm.edu

  • By appointment/email

Atmospheric Science Program

Professor Clark Evans

Atmospheric Science Program Coordinator
EMS W401    414-229-4469    evans36@uwm.edu

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays (starting Tuesday, September 6)
    11:00am – 12:15pm
    or by appointment (please email to schedule)

Actuarial Science Program

Dr. Yang Ho

Co-Director of Actuarial Science
EMS E452    414-229-4831    hoy@uwm.edu

  • By appointment only (please email to schedule)

Course & Program Coordinators

Stephen AugustineMthStat 215 Coordinator; Senior Lecturer(414) 229-5693Eng & Math Sciences E470
Rebecca Bourn, PhDAssistant to the Graduate Program Chair; Calculus Coordinator; Assistant Faculty Associate(414) 229-4184Eng & Math Sciences E462
Vytaras Brazauskas, ASACo-Director of Actuarial Science (Graduate); Professor(414) 229-5656Eng & Math Sciences E457
Clark EvansAtmospheric Science Program Coordinator; Associate Professor(414) 229-4469Eng & Math Sciences W401
Daniel HackbarthMath 105 Coordinator; Senior Lecturer(414) 229-5528Eng & Math Sciences E412
Yang Ho, FSA, PhDCo-Director of Actuarial Science (Undergraduate); Clinical Professor(414) 229-4831Eng & Math Sciences E452
Kelly Kohlmetz, PhDMath Literacy Pathway Coordinator (Math 092/102); Senior Lecturer(414) 229-2685Eng & Math Sciences E414
Hayley NathanAlgebraic Literacy Pathway Coordinator (Math 098/108); Lecturer(414) 229-2685EMS Building E414
Leah RineckPreparation for College Math Coordinator (Math 094); Senior Lecturer(414) 229-2685Eng & Math Sciences E414
Lawrence SchultzMath 211 Coordinator; Senior Lecturer(414) 229-5111Eng & Math Sciences E460
Kyle SwansonInterim Associate Dean; Math 115 Coordinator; Professor(414) 229-2925Holton Hall 249
Xianwei Van Harpen, PhDMath 175/176 Coordinator; Senior Lecturer(414) 229-5528Eng & Math Sciences E412
Bruce WadeInterim Department Chair; AMCS Program Coordinator; Director of the Center for Industrial Mathematics; Professor(414) 229-3371Eng & Math Sciences E404A
MJ WhitingMath 116/117 Coordinator; Senior Lecturer Eng & Math Sciences W411