Yi Ming Zou

Associate Chair for the Graduate Program; Professor
Mathematical Sciences - General
 (414) 229-5110
 Eng & Math Sciences E410
Web: Personal Website


  • PhD, Indiana University, 1991
  • MS, Nankai University, Tianjin, China, 1982

Research Interests

  • Lie algebras
  • Lie superalgebras
  • Quantum groups
  • Quantum supergroups
  • Algebraic methods and applications, bioinformatic

Selected Publications

Wei, Yangjiang, Xu, Guangwu, and Zou, Yi M. “Dynamics of linear systems over finite commutative rings.” Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing, Springer Online First. (2016): 11 pages.
Hu, Yanling, Gu, Yinmin, Wang, Huimin, Huang, Yuanjie, and Zou, Yi M. “Integrated network model provides new insights into castration-resistant prostate cancer.” Scientific Report 5. (2015).
Gu, Yinmin, Lei, Danqing, Qin, Xia, Chen, Panyu, Zou, Yi M., and Hu, Yanling. “Integrated analysis reveals together miR-182, miR-200c and miR-221 can help in the diagnosis of prostate cancer.” PLOS ONE 10. (2015): 15 pages.
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