UWM Student Entrepreneur of the Month: Jared Judge

Jared Judge, a graduate student pursuing an orchestral conducting degree at the University Wisconsin-Milwaukee, has created a successful startup company that connects local musicians, artists, UWM students and alumni with local event and wedding planners.  The innovative new booking platform, called Dream City Music, utilizes a self-designed program that is uniquely based on the principles of orchestral conducting.

As a musician for the last decade, Judge knows first-hand the challenges independent musicians face when finding work in their local music scene. Amanda Brittain, also a graduate student of music at UWM, expressed these same concerns and partnered with Judge to create Dream City Music.

“Pursuing a career in music is a daunting feat on its own but doing so without guidance is even more frustrating,” says Judge. “So I had to find a way to make the communication between vendors and musicians easier.”

With support and mentorship from the UWM Research Foundation, Judge enrolled in corporate communication classes, attended networking opportunities and joined the on-campus student Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization (CEO) where he won first place for a 90-second pitch competition that earned him a trip to the national conference in Florida.

“The guidance we received from the UWMRF was invaluable to our success,” says Judge. “We found out exactly what our customers needed and were able to create a successful and streamlined way to book and pay local musicians.”

Dream City Music’s website is up and running and already providing event planners with a range of professional musicians with expertise in classical, jazz, pop, showtunes and more. Judge and Brittain have acquired an ensemble of well-established musicians and soloists eager to perform at your next event!

Contact: http://www.jaredjudge.info/

Dream City Music: https://www.dreamcitymusic.org/index.php