Technology Services

Desktop, Research, and Purchasing Support

Meeting your technology needs with a personal touch.

Computer Support

We provide top-notch technical support from installation to obsolescence.

Built on custom-developed operating system “images” and a suite of standard PC & Mac software, all L&S computers are secure and capable right out of the box. If you need additional programs, our on-demand software distribution methods provide access to new software without the need for a support visit.

There’s a good chance that we also support the printers on your desk and in your mail room. And when your colleague gets that nasty malware infection, we’ll be there to determine the extent of the damage and get them back to work as soon as possible.

Purchasing Consultation

We’re allergic to smoke and we don’t like mirrors.

Technology purchases can be frustrating—we know the ropes and we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking for a compatible webcam for teleconferencing, an ultra-portable laptop for your next conference presentation, or a beefy network server to host your research, we can demystify the process.

We’ll show you how to navigate and take advantage of existing system- and campus-wide contracts to make your funding sources count, and use our extensive experience to know when to suggest possible alternatives and when to get out of the way.

Research Computing

You’re the architects—we’re just here to apply some elbow grease.

In FY2013 & 2014, the College of Letters & Science pulled in over half of UWM’s $54M in extramural research funds. Our office is committed to supporting the high-performance computing resources which are critical to the top-tier research of L&S researchers and research labs.

Our staff routinely connects faculty and staff with the technologies they need, and advocate for unmet College research needs to campus decision-makers. Involving us in your deliberations helps us identify areas of interest and better represent your needs.