Computer Purchasing Process

For PC purchases, L&S customers should use the procedure below to order from the UWM Dell Premier store; for Mac purchases, please follow the directions below for the UWM Apple Store. More information is available in our Purchasing Computers policy.

L&S Computer Purchasing Recommendations

Our office maintains a list of standard L&S PC, Mac, and printer recommendations to maximize performance and reduce support and supply costs. For more information, consult our L&S Purchasing Standards page.

Using the UWM Dell Premier Site

  • Return visitors can login with their existing account at to the To create an account, visit After entering your ePanther credentials, you’ll be forwarded to the Premier site to create an account.
  • When you log in, a list of standard computer models will be displayed. Add a model to your shopping cart by clicking the Add to Cart link, or click Customize to specify a custom configuration. You can return to this main page by clicking on the Standard Configurations drop-down menu at the top of the page and selecting UWM Recommended Desktops and Laptops.
  • When you have finishing shopping, save an E-Quote:
    • Click the My Cart link in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
    • Click the Save as E-Quote link at the bottom of the shopping cart.
    • Complete the E-Quote form with the required information:
      • If you are submitting the order on behalf of someone else, make sure to include the name of the intended recipient in the E-Quote Name.
      • Include funding information in the Acct Fund Org Proj or Grant field.
    • Select John Kempken as the Authorized Buyer from the drop-down menu and make sure that his information appears in the fields below.
    • Click the Continue button to submit your E-Quote for review and order.

Using the UWM Apple Store

  • Access the Apple Find Your School page, enter Wisconsin as the State and 53201 as your ZIP code, and click Search
  • Next to ‘University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’ click Browse as guest.
  • Search for and add your selected item(s) to the cart. Please note that L&S policy requires an AppleCare Protection Plan for all computers and iPads.
  • When you’ve finished shopping, click the Cart link in the top right corner to display your shopping cart.
  • To create a quote, click the Create Saved Cart link underneath the large Update button and enter the following information in the page that appears:
    • Your information in the Name and Phone Number fields.
    • in the E-mail field
    • If you’d like a copy of the quote, enter your e-mail address in the Send Copy To: field. (optional)
    • In the Comments field, enter your name, the name of the intended computer user, the funding string (if known), and any other relevant information.
  • Click the Submit button to send us your quote–we’ll contact you shortly to confirm your purchase or ask any follow-up questions.