Emeritus Faculty Support Policy

We provide the same dedicated support for the on-campus L&S-owned PCs and Macs of Emeritus Faculty members as we do for all L&S employees. Technical, cost, and personnel limitations require us to offer limited support for off-campus L&S-owned PCs and Macs. We provide no support for the personally-owned computers of Emeritus Faculty.

Campus IT Support

University Information Technology Services (UITS), the central campus IT office, provides support for campus IT services like Office 365 (campus e-mail and web-accessible file storage).

Support for personally-owned computers or campus services should be requested through the Campus Help Desk by calling (414)229-4040 or e-mailing help@uwm.edu.

Software Licensing

Existing licensing terms make L&S Emeritus Faculty ineligible for “Work-At-Home” or any other University academic discounts for software.

Planning for Retirement or Emeritus Status

We are happy to provide the following forms of support to assist with the IT planning of imminent retirees and/or prospective L&S Emeritus Faculty:

  • The names and contact information for reputable commercial software and IT support providers
  • Migration of correspondence and/or personal data from campus IT services
  • Backup/archival of information or data from University-owned hardware

Prospective retirees with IT support questions are encouraged to submit an Ask a Technology Question webform with as much information as possible.