The process, eligibility, and payment guidelines governing the three established methods of purchasing L&S computers.

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Computer Purchasing Process »
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Licensing options and discounts available through the UITS software website and other select third-party vendors.

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UWM SoftwareShop


Recommended L&S desktop printers, network printing options, and supply cost responsibilities.

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Off-Campus Computing

Remote Desktop Policy

The policies and procedure for requesting Remote Desktop access to campus computers.

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Telecommuting Policy

The policies, software licenses, and other considerations applying to L&S employees working off-campus.

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Loaner Laptop Policy

The usage guidelines and procedure for requesting an L&S-owned loaner laptop.

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Computer Imaging Policy

Details on the highly-customized “image” included on all L&S computers.

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Security Incident Policy

Helpful security tips and an overview of our security incident response procedures.

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Instructional Lab Policies

Standard configuration of lab computers and the guidelines and procedure for requesting additional software.

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Standard Lab Software »

Emeritus Faculty Support

Terms and conditions of support provided to L&S emeritus faculty members with L&S-owned computers.

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