Tue Trinh

Assistant Professor
 Johnston Hall 125

Personal website:


PhD, Linguistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2011
MA, Linguistics, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany, 2005

Research Interests

Syntax, semantics, pragmatics, Vietnamese

Selected Publications

Trinh, Tue H. “How to ask the obvious – A presuppositional account of e vidential bias in English yes/no questions.” MIT Working Papers in Linguistics 71. (2014): 227-249.
Trinh, Tue H. “Das Vietnamesische und das Chinesische.” Das Mehrsprachige Klassenzimmer. Über die Muttersprachen unserer Schüler. Spri nger Verlag, (2014): 247-270.
Trinh, Tue H., and Crnič, Luka. “The rise and fall of declaratives.” Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 15. (2011): 645-660.
Trinh, Tue H. “Edges and linearization – A reply.” Theoretical Linguistics 36.1 (2010): 93-110.
Trinh, Tue H. “A constraint on copy deletion.” Theoretical Linguistics 35.2-3 (2009): 183-227.
Trinh, Tue H., and Crnič, Luka. “Embedding imperatives.” Proceedings of NELS 39. (2008): 227-238.