Reference Collection and General LC Subject Area Responsibility

This page lists the librarian in the User Services division that is responsible for managing the corresponding subject of our main Reference Collection. Other Libraries and Departments maintain other collections in parallel, such as the Music Library and the American Geographical Society Library.

If you have a subject question not having to do with the Reference Collection, please see the list of Library Contacts.

ALinda KopeckyGeneral Works
B-BDJohn HubbardPhilosophy
BFKristin WoodwardPsychology, Parapsychology, Occult Sciences
BH-BXKate GanskiAesthetics, Ethics, Etiquette, Religions, Theology
CTyler SmithArchaeology (general), Biography, Genealogy, Heraldry, History of Civilization
DTyler SmithHistory: General and outside United States
E 1-50Tyler SmithHistory: (United States) America; North America
E 51-99Tyler SmithPre-Columbian America; Indians of North America; Indian wars; Indian tribes and cultures
E 100-183Tyler SmithDiscovery of America, earliest to 1810. General History; Diplomatic and Military History.
E184-185Tyler SmithElements in the population; Afro-Americans; Status and development since emancipation
E 186-909Tyler SmithHistory: (United States) Colonial to current
FTyler SmithHistory: (United States) local, regional, states
GLinda KopeckyAnthropology, Dance, Geography (see also the AGS Library), Maps, Recreation, Sports
H-HJKris MidthunSocial Sciences (general), Business, Economics, Statistics
HM-HTKristin WoodwardSociology, Family, Marriage, Gender Studies, Communities
HV-HXLinda KopeckySocial pathology, Social and public welfare, Criminology, Socialism, Communism
JLinda KopeckyPolitical Science, Local Government, International Law, International Relations
KLinda KopeckyLaw
LLinda KopeckyEducation
MMary BoulangerMusic (see also the Music Library)
NKathy BowesArchitecture, Decorative Arts, Drawing, Painting, Visual Arts, Sculpture
PMolly MathiasLinguistics, Languages, Communication, Mass Media/Journalism, Literature, Performing Arts
Q-QDSvetlana KorolevScience (general), Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry
QESvetlana KorolevGeology
QH – QLMary BoulangerNatural History, Biology, Botany, Zoology
QM-QPMary BoulangerHuman Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology
RMary BoulangerMedicine
SMary BoulangerAgriculture
T-TP, TSSvetlana KorolevEngineering, Manufactures
TR, TTKathy BowesPhotography, Arts & Crafts
UTyler SmithMilitary Science
VTyler SmithMerchant Marine, Naval Science, Navigation
Z 4-1121Linda KopeckyBooks (general), Book Industries & Trade, Libraries/Library Science, Bibliography (gen.)
Z 1201-4980Linda KopeckyNational Bibliography (some areas maintained by other librarians)
Z 5051-8999[by subject]Subject and Personal Bibliography. (Refer to LC Classification (Z) for details.)
DepositoryLinda KopeckyGovernment Information collections (Federal and Wisconsin)
REF–Linda KopeckyReference resources, overall