The UWM Open-Access Publication (UOAP) Fund

The UWM Libraries are committed to supporting the ability of our faculty and researchers to participate more fully in the scholarly publication process. There are currently more than 10,000 open access journal titles and some of these require that the authors pay a fee once their article is accepted for publication. This business model helps to support the continuous, open dissemination of an author’s research to an international audience of scientists, researchers, faculty, and other interested parties.

The UWM Open-Access Publication (UOAP) Fund has been established to underwrite article processing fees for open-access journals when funds are not otherwise available. Research funded by grants or gifts that allow grant funds to be used for article processing fees (regardless of whether that particular grant had budgeted for such fees) will be given lower priority and publications which do not have grants or gifts support will be given a higher priority.  UOAP funds are intended to be a funding source of last resort.  The fund is supported through Indirect Funds made available to the UWM Libraries.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible Authors: The UOAP Fund is available to any UWM faculty, post-doctoral researcher, staff member, or student author.

Eligible Articles: UOAP funds apply to article-processing fees for scholarly peer-reviewed articles.

Eligible Publication Venues:
The UOAP Fund will cover the cost of author submission fees to support the ability of researchers to publish in fully open access journals and paid access journals that have paid options for open access. Funding support will cover:

  • 50%, up to $1,500 per article, for publishing in a fully open access journal (as defined by inclusion in the Directory of Open Access Journals ( ).
  • 30%, up to $1,500 per article, for publishing in a hybrid open-access model that provides paid options for open access. (Check link for the list of publishers with paid options for open access:
  • Multiple Authorship:  in the case of an article with multiple authors, the article is treated as a whole regardless of how many authors are from UWM. For example, for an article with three authors that is to appear in a journal with a $1,500 publication fee, 50% of the publication fee is $750. If the journal has a $3,200 publication fee, 50% of the publication fee is $1,600, however, the $1,500 per article cap will apply.

Funding Availability

The UWM Libraries have committed $20,000 for the initial funding for the program. All aspects of this program, including the amount of funding committed to the program, will be analyzed and reviewed on a regular basis and funding may be adjusted.

Article Funding Cap: The most that the UOAP Fund will support for a single article is $1,500.

Author Funding Cap: Authors may receive funding for up to $1,500 per year for all submissions and publication charges. Any unused amount will not roll over to future years.

Funding Process

  • Funding for article-processing fees that conform to the guidelines above may be requested using Form to request UWM Open Access Publication (UOAP) Fund.
  • The library will review applications with a goal to diversify awards to achieve a balance among schools and colleges. The library will communicate the decision within one month directly to the author/s.
  • Requests for funding may be made before an article has been accepted or immediately upon acceptance.
  • Authors who receive funding, will be required to deposit a digital copy of their article (according to the terms of their author agreement) in the UWM Digital Commons. [UWM Deposit License]