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Music Library: Loan Periods


Loan Periods

*Some loan periods are shorter during the summer.  Please check your date due slip.

 UndergraduateGraduateFaculty & StaffSpecial Permit Holders
*Books & Scores4 weeks
(2 weeks in summer)
End of SemesterAcademic Year4 weeks
(2 in summer)
Sound Recordings1 week1 week1 weekNone
Periodicals1 week1 week1 weekNone
Reference (RMU)NoneNone2 daysNone
M1-M3NoneNone1 weekNone

Maximum Number of Renewals

Music Library Materials can be renewed in person at the Music Library Service Counter or online.  Online renew instructions (in .pdf format) can be found here.

 UndergraduateGraduateFaculty & StaffSpecial Permit Holders
Books & Scorescan be continously renewed provided a recall has not been placed
Sound Recordings444None
Reference (RMU)NoneNoneNoneNone
M1 - M3NoneNone1None