Data Management Plans

An increasing number of research funders require data management plans and data sharing as part of the grant process. While data plan requirement differ for each grant program, there are common themes across most plans. This page outlines those themes and important questions to address in your data management plan.

What does a DMP cover?

A data management plan, in general, answers the following questions:

  • What data will I create?
    • What data will be collected?
    • Are my data unique? Are my data derived from existing data and are those data still available?
    • How big will my data be? How fast will my data grow?
    • How will my data be stored?
    • Who owns and is responsible for the data?
  • What standards will I use to document the data?
    • Are there any community standards for documentation, such as an ontology or metadata schema?
    • How will I document and organize my data? What metadata schema will I use?
    • How will I document my methods and other information needed for reproducibility?
  • How will I protect private/secure/confidential data?
    • What regulations apply to my data (HIPAA, FERPA, FISMA, etc.)?
    • What security measures will I put in place to protect my data?
    • Who is allowed access to my data?
    • Who will be responsible for data security?
    • Will my data lead to a patent or other intellectual property claim?
  • How will I archive and preserve the data?
    • How long will I retain the data?
    • What file formats will I use? Do I need to preserve any software?
    • Where will I archive my data?
    • Who will be responsible for my data in the long term?
  • How will I provide access to and allow reuse of the data?
    • Is there a relevant sharing policy?
    • Who is the audience for my data?
    • When and where will I make my data available? Do I have resources for hosting the data myself?

Download the full Data Management Plan Checklist

The structure of individual plans will vary by funder and project. Look up your funder requirements before you create your data management plan to ensure that it includes the necessary information.

Data Management Plan Training

Data Services offers training on creating data management plans. Please contact the Data Services Librarian at for more information or to schedule a session.


The DMPTool provides templates for creating data management plans for a variety of funders.
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For more information about data management plans, please contact:

Kristin Briney
Data Services Librarian
(414) 229-6511