Web Links Policy

A. Introduction

The User Services Division maintains multiple web pages within the larger UWM Libraries web site including Databases A-Z and the Tours and Instruction pages. Links to external resources on these pages have been selected according to the criteria in this document.

Additional UWM Libraries web pages are under the purview of other library units or the Web Advisory Committee which assumes a broad oversight for the entire Libraries’ Web site in regard to design and usability.

Suggestions and feedback on any web page are welcome.

B. Selection process for inclusion on Databases A-Z

I. Selection

Licensed Resources

All resources which the library has licensed are assumed to have undergone the standard collection development decision-making process and are eligible for inclusion on the Databases A-Z page.


A free online resource must meet at least four (4) of the following criteria to be included on the Databases A-Z page. Criteria not met must be addressed in the annotation to the resource’s entry.

  1. Search feature
    • available to navigate or retrieve the contents of the web site
  2. Content
    • useful to UWM Libraries audience
    • unique or distinctive treatment of subject matter
    • well-organized and/or easy to use
    • primarily free
  3. Authority
    • author or sponsor of the site clearly identified
    • contact information for the site available
  4. Currency
    • date of revision or review posted
  5. Privacy
    • privacy policy available, which clearly states the management of user information
    • if registration required, process not intrusive

II. Annotation

Databases A-Z entries must include an annotation to include: title; date range; full-text access; content; guide link (if available); any registration requirements; notes on any exceptions to the selection criteria described above.

III. Announcement/Notification

Additions to Databases A-Z will be communicated by the appropriate subject librarian, with supporting background information.  Multidisciplinary or general reference resources will be reviewed before adding.

Additions to Resources A-Z will be posted on the Databases page.

C.  Selection process for inclusion on Resources by Subject/Major

Selection of Web sites for the Resources by Subject/Major pages is part of the collection management activities of the librarians assigned to specific segments of the Library of Congress Classification system.  Other UWM Libraries staff maintain additional subject related pages.

Approved & Effective June 15, 2007