Implementation Activities

March Implementation Activities

Our upcoming milestones focus heavily on the processes needed for the daily operations and business functionality of the Prototype Hub. The project teams have put a lot of effort into reviewing current processes, identifying needs and changes, and making recommendations. This detailed work will aid in the creation of the Out of Scope Transition Plan, ISS Transition Plan, and Training Plan.

  • Thursday March 9th – Key Process Change/Communication Needs Identified
    o    Over the last few months project teams across all four functional areas (IT/HR/Finance/Procurement) have been reviewing current processes and procedures identified as in-scope for the ISS Prototype Hub. They will review each process and identify any changes or redesigns that need to happen. The teams will work with the communication specialist to determine the best route for documenting these changes and how we plan to communicate them to our stakeholders. In addition, communication opportunities that correspond with our key milestones will be outlined and approved by the ISS Leadership Team.
  • Friday March 16th – Documentation for Redesigned Process Complete
    o    The key processes changes identified above will be defined, documented, and reviewed. This will be a key component in understanding the scope of the project transition and ultimately creating an ISS Transition Plan. This documentation will include all details related to each individual process change, as well as a high-level overview and expected outcomes.