Implementation Activities

The following is a summary of the major in-progress ISS activities:

  • The ISS Implementation Core Team has developed a detailed approach for data gathering, which began the first week of October. The individual and group conversations with school/college/division/department staff and other stakeholder, known as “ISS Hub Dialogues”, will be occurring throughout the month of October.
  • Hub Dialogues will occur with those staff who currently deliver in-scope services (Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology and Procurement) for the Prototype Hub population. The goal is to gain understanding about the work that these staff do, including their strengths and interests. We hope to create a staffing plan that will provide the best fit for the prototype hub, while meeting the needs and interests of staff involved in in-scope and out-of-scope tasks.
  • The Information Technology Process Improvement & Training Sub-Team Leads have concluded the documentation and analysis of key IT activities that need to be in place prior to the ISS prototype hub. Over the next weeks, the IT Core Team will have identified and documented key project milestones and dependencies that will greatly facilitate a more formal rollout of, and communication on, our ISS-IT Transition Plan in preparation of the ISS Prototype launch.
  • The Service Excellence & Accountability teams (Governance, Performance Measures, Service Level Agreements) met with ISS Leadership during the weeks of 9/25 and 10/2, and have begun their work. This includes the following:
    • Outlining formal structures for communication and accountability
    • Identifying key performance indicators and processes to gauge performance and measure progress toward goals
    • Creating processes to establish service expectations and targets, including mechanisms for feedback and service assessments.
DateProvider Hub DialoguesRecipient Focus Group Sessions
11/22/17We have 105 completed so far
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Out of 133 anticipated dialogues
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