Implementation Activities

June Transition Activities

The ISS Prototype Hub will be launching on Monday, June 11, 2018. This date refers to the organizational launch; the full transition for the Prototype Hub will unfold slowly over the next several months. These are the key activities going on this month:

  • Staff Relocation – In the beginning of June, ISS employees will begin moving into the new Hub space in Engelmann Hall. This space will allow employees from Finance and Accounting, Procurement, and Human Resources to work in one collaborative space. IT employees will continue to have a strong presence across the campus community.
  • Team Building & Training – The ISS Leadership Team and a representative from each functional area attended a training program at the beginning of May. This train-the-trainer course allowed them to learn about team building and creating opportunities for collaboration in the Prototype Hub. Training on in-scope processes, procedures, etc., will start in June and continue throughout the rest of summer. Initial training sessions and team building activities will follow the June launch date.
  • ISS Organizational Website – Over the last few months, feedback was gathered across the project teams regarding the development of an organizational website. The website will go live in June, providing content and contact information for the Prototype Hub. The website will be key in organizing the services offered by the prototype hub, and providing more context and information to those who receive these services.