Integrated Support Services Project Logo

The Integrated Support Services project is an effort to design and implement an administrative structure that provides excellence across UWM, focusing on the functions of Finance & Accounting, Procurement, Human Resources, and Information Technology. Among other goals, it is intended to accomplish long-term service efficiencies, increase effectiveness, make better use of technology, and enhance professional development opportunities in administrative areas.

The project is comprised of a steering committee, a project manager, and several functional teams, made up of individuals who work in the areas of finance, procurement, human resources and IT at UWM. For your reference, the organizational chart shows the team structure and membership of those teams.

This project is expected to provide benefits such as cost reduction through simplification and standardization, concentration of resources on core higher value activities, increased service quality to the academic and administrative units, improved response to organizational changes, as well as facilitation of technology deployment. For a comprehensive list of benefits, please visit our About Us page.