IRBManager training

In-Person Training

IRB Basics
Topics covered in this monthly training session include: a basic overview of the IRB, how to prepare a submission, helpful hints, and a demonstration of IRBManager. Bring a laptop if you want to click along during the IRBManager portion of the training. All sessions are held in Engelmann 242/248. Click here to register.

  • Monday, January 30  10-11 am
  • Wednesday, March 1  2-3 pm
  • Tuesday, March 28  9:30-10:30 am
  • Friday, April 28  2-3 pm


Online User Guides

User Guide for Researchers: This includes general information about IRBManager, how to navigate the system, and how to create new submissions, amendments, and continuing reviews.

IRBManager PowerPoint presentation: This is used for in-person training, but may be very helpful for people that need a basic understanding of the system without the hands-on training.


**NOTE: This is not the human subjects research training required for PIs and Student PIs. See the Human Subjects Training page**