Nonprofit Organizations:

Non-profit organization application, Deadline October 31st 2017 for projects running in Spring of 2018.

Organizations are encouraged to apply for either the fall or spring semester term each academic year.  Projects are selected based upon the organizational need, status (must be a 503c organization), and scope of the project. Applications are accepted in February for the fall semester and in October for the spring semester.


Nonprof-IT is an internship opportunity that provides students the opportunity to work on a team with other UWM students to develop a project for a local nonprofit. The class is taken through the School of Information Studies internship course (INFOST 495).  The opportunity is open to freshman through seniors of any major.

Teams consist of 2-4 members with different roles based on skill level and interest area. Typical roles, depending on the scope of the project include; developer, designer, project lead, and quality assurance/testing. Projects run the length of the semester, and a letter grade will be assigned upon completion of a team’s project. This is a one of a kind opportunity for students to gain real-world experience while earning course credit (1 -3 credits) toward graduation.

Questions about applying for the program can be directed to either Angie Sadowsky– SOIS Academic Advisor or Adam Hudson – Sr. Lecturer at SOIS.