U 1.0 Spotlight!

Ilian Iliev
Class Year: 2019
School: School of Information Studies
Major: Information Science and Technology

Meaning behind being First-Generation:

  • My personal meaning behind it is that I can accomplish something that my parents haven’t by being given the opportunity to come to Milwaukee. Getting a degree will allow me to not only take care of myself, but take care of them by giving back what they have sacrificed. My parents were given only a few career paths to choose from with none being ideal but now I can break the pattern of what was always done in our family history by going to school as a first-generation student.

Advice for other First-Generation students:

  • My advice would be to strike a balance between what you want and what your parents want for you. Always remember that your parents want the utmost best for you as they haven’t been able to attend college themselves. They see this as an amazing opportunity for you to have a much better life than they did so take advantage of college as much as you can but always remember that you are your own person as well. Learn how to manage the pressure from your family to succeed if there is any. Try to make your parents as happy as possible but fulfill your own desires do and what you want to for a profession at the same time.

Favorite Resource on Campus:

  • Campus Technology Services

Best Place to Study on Campus

  • Second floor of the NWQ Building

Proudest Accomplishment:

  • I was deployed for a year to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and made it back home safe and sound. It was an extremely tough year as I was away from family and friends but I persevered through the mission and made it out just fine.

Best Thing About UWM:

  • I feel that my major is helping me get ready for jobs after college. At least once a week, I get an e-mail from our career advisor regarding internships or full-time jobs and the descriptions of the jobs match what we have been doing in class. I’m thankful for UWM preparing its students for life outside school.