U 1.0 Spotlight!

Stephanie Carmichael
Class Year: 2019
School: Helen Badger School of Social Welfare
Major: Social Work
Gen 1.0 Position: President

Meaning behind being First-Generation:

  • My parents came to the United States as immigrants without an education and a big dream of theirs was to see their children become college educated. After I graduated high school, I decided that it was not for me or so I thought at the time. I became the first in my family to join the military, the first to move out of state, and the first to go to college. A few years later, I decided it was time to go back to school because of my passion for social work. Being first generation doesn’t only encompass education, we as first generation students become the first in our families for so many things and I believe it is extremely important to recognize and celebrate that.

Advice for other First-Generation students:

  • Be proud that you are the first in your family for many things and don’t be afraid to ask for help because so many people are willing to help. It continuously surprises me, the wealth of information that can be shared just by starting a conversation with a stranger.

Favorite Resource on Campus:

  • Inclusive Excellence Center (I might be bias since I work there!)

Best Place to Study on Campus

  • The Union

Proudest Accomplishment:

  • Going back to school after 5 years and becoming extremely involved on campus while balancing my family life.

Best Thing About UWM:

  • The intersectionality of the students at UWM