Just Words? – is primarily passive programming about Microaggressions    (informed by the work for Dr. Derald Wing Sue).

We, the staff of the Inclusive Excellence Center, modeled our efforts after UC-Davis Words that Hurt and Why campaign, which UW-River Falls adapted. We also drew inspiration from the University of Maryland’s Inclusive Language Campaign which inspired Rutgers to put out Language matters.

Through “Just Words?”, we seek to raise awareness of micro aggressions and dismissive terms, their impact, provide an insight into their meaning. We are not seeking to tell people what they can/cannot say.

“Just Words?” has a dual meaning:

1)   As in only. Are they really only words, that is to say they carry no weight or added meaning?

2)   As in justice. Are they said from a place of respect or belief in fairness, will it aid in creating a just culture?

Phase 1 is the poster campaign, this is passive programming.

Phase 2 will include active programming in which we invite UWM campus community members to engage in conversation (hopefully critical dialogue) about micro aggressions and the campaigns. These are facilitated by IEC staff.

Politically Correct (PC) has been added as a dismissive term. As an extension of the active programming, the IEC has launched Crucial Conversations which is a forum like conversation that takes place in the IEC. Please refer to the calendar on our homepage to find out when the next Crucial Conversations is coming up!

What suggestions and questions do you have?

* Just Words is on hiatus