ePanther Group Account Administration

Note: Group Accounts will migrate to Office 365 shared mailboxes on or after Monday July 28, 2014. Watch for forthcoming information at http://uwm.edu/o365

At this time, there are no plans to retire pantherLIST. All listservs will continue to be created and managed using pantherLIST once Office 365 goes live.

The IAM Team recommends using a pantherLIST when there is a need to share mail with multiple people. A pantherLIST,  named with words connected by dashes, has no 8 character length restriction.  One can also  use filters within pantherLINK  with a pantherLIST  to route mail into specific folders for optimal organization. Finally, one has to log into an ePanther Group Account to read its mail – it’s not a folder that you can share from your own email session.  However, if you still have a need for one, please see the following:

ePanther Group Accounts:

  • Must be eight alphanumeric characters or less long and not conflict with an existing ePantherID.
  • Are used to manage a single mailbox for message delivery where assignment to a specific individual represents an operational or security risk.
  • Allow multiple individuals to access the ePanther Group Account assigned mailbox using individually assigned ePantherID and password.
  • Can only be used to access the assigned mailbox using a dedicated interface to the pantherLINK service and cannot be accessed using other email protocols such as POP or IMAP.
  • Are administered by the assigned owner of the ePanther Group Account. The owner can control which ePantherID’s are allowed to access the ePanther Group Account using a web interface.
  • Cannot be used to access other services.
  • Are only available to:
    • faculty or  staff for departmental or professional use
    • officers of active student organizations for their organizational use

To request a group account, please submit a service request using the UWM Help Desk online request form. The request must include the following:

  • Two proposed options for name of account (limit 8 alphanumeric characters)
  • Account title – which goes in the space that one’s full name goes with their personal account
  • Owner of account
  • List of individuals needing access to account
  • Description of purpose of account

All requests for an ePanther Group Account will be reviewed by the IAM Technical Team for appropriate use before issuance.

NOTE: The continued availability of the ePanther Group Account function is subject to periodic review and may be discontinued.

Other Information