ePantherACCOUNT Information

An ePantherACCOUNT with an associated ePantherID is assigned to each student applying to UWM and each faculty and staff during the hiring process.

Our most popular service, ePantherACCOUNT Self Service, is for account activation, password changes and security questions.


Applicants are automatically given an ePantherACCOUNT when they apply for admission. An applicant receives a letter in the mail with instructions to activate their new ePantherACCOUNT and establish their secure password, giving them access to certain selected UWM services.


Students are automatically given access to additional UWM services prior to the start of the registration period for the first term for which they are eligible to enroll. A new student receives a letter in the mail with instructions to activate their new ePantherACCOUNT and establish their secure password, if not already activated as an applicant.

Employees (Faculty and Staff)

Employees are automatically given an ePantherACCOUNT after their appointment is entered into the Human Resources system. Employees are informed of the need to activate their ePantherACCOUNT by the hiring department. The employee is required to activate his/her own ePantherACCOUNT and establish a secure password. If all paperwork has not been completed, the new employee will not be able to activate his/her ePantherACCOUNT. Employees with an activated ePantherACCOUNT are given access to a wide range of services to allow them to carry out academic activities and conduct business while at UWM.

Other UWM Affiliated Individuals

A Sponsored ePantherACCOUNT can be given to guests affiliated with University programs who require access to IT services. An Annuitant ePantherACCOUNT may be useful for past staff with continued involvement. Similarly, past faculty or academic staff with continued involvement may qualify for an account through Emeritus status.

Activating your Account – Before IT services can be accessed, the ePantherACCOUNT must be activated via the Account Activation page.

Accessing IT Services – Upon activation, an ePantherID and associated password provides applicant students access to PAWS to track the application process. Once eligible to enroll in classes, students are given access to ePanther Web-based services, Campus Computer Labs, campus wireless service, and other associated services. Upon completion of the hiring process, faculty and staff are provided access to all aforementioned services, as well as the My Wisconsin portal for payroll and benefits information and other non-UWM services.

Access to most services is removed when a student has not registered for classes past two full semesters (fall and spring), are no longer employed by UWM or their sponsored affiliation with UWM expired. Sponsored Accounts lose access to Office 365 Services on their expiration date. For additional information, visit the Before You Leave web page. Accounts subject to expiration will receive an Account Deprovision message in the late fall or spring semesters.

Answering your ePanther Security Questions – During the account activation process, you had the opportunity to answer three security questions. These questions will allow you to set a new password online anytime, anywhere in the event you forget your current one. Failure to have preset security questions may require you to visit the UWM Help Desk with a current government-issued photo ID to have your password reset in order to regain access to campus IT services.

If you have not answered three security questions, set them now online at the Security Questions Web page.

Keeping your ePanther Password Secure – Keep your ePanther password secure. Your ePantherID and password protect your private information as well as information you may have on behalf of others. Never share your password and never provide your password in response to an email or via telephone. Create a strong password, but one that you can remember. Visit the Password Web page for more information.

If you believe your password has been stolen or compromised, contact the UWM Help Desk immediately.

Changing/Resetting Your ePanther Password – Change your password on a routine basis. To reset your password, select one of the statements below:

More info about your ePantherACCOUNT:

Changes of name or address:

Special ePantherACCOUNTs


Getting Help – If you are having problems activating your ePantherACCOUNT, changing your password or accessing UWM services such as email using your ePantherACCOUNT to access UWM services (e.g., o365 ), contact the UWM Help Desk:

  • Telephone: (414) 229-4040 or toll-free (877) 381-3459
  • Online request form: GetTechHelp.uwm.edu
  • In-person: UWM Walk-in Help Desk; Bolton Hall 225 (hours online)