Requesting a Change to your ePantherID

It is recommended individuals retain the ePantherID issued for the duration of their interaction as a member of the UWM community. Automated and consistent processes for issuing the ePantherID have been implemented based on campus processes used to enroll students and hire staff. These processes for issuing the ePantherID to the UWM community are fundamental to the effective delivery of needed services to individuals.

Changing an ePantherID affects the processes used to maintain access as well as the overall security of services utilized by the individual. Additionally, changing the ePantherID risks disrupting access to services and losing data stored in services for the individual. Before requesting a change of an ePantherID, an individual must be aware of and accept responsibility for these risks.


The UWM Identity and Access Management Program has established guidelines for responding to ePantherID change requests. Approved requests will result in loss of access of all services for up to two days while the change is processed. The requester will be contacted in advance to schedule a time to make the change. The following UWM services will be migrated to the new ePantherID if the change request is fulfilled:

  • All folders and email in the Office365 service will be migrated to the new ePantherID email mailbox.
  • Short term forwarding of email from the old ePantherID email address to the new ePantherID email address will be provided. NOTE: This forwarding is not permanent and will end at the nearest conclusion of a regular school semester (end of Fall or Spring semester) and a minimum of 3 months.
  • Files stored in the pantherFILE service will be migrated.
  • Access to PAWS will be migrated to the new ePantherID.
  • Ownership of any email distribution lists in pantherLIST will be migrated. NOTE: Membership in lists will not be migrated and the individual must contact owners of lists to re-establish membership.

Once changed, access to the previous ePantherID will be revoked and no service access will be possible using the previous ePantherID. Re-establishing access to all other services is the responsibility of the individual requesting the ePantherID change. This includes contacting the individual’s campus IT support staff to re-establish workstation and other departmental, school/college or divisional access including a new set-up of UWM WiFi and eduroam capabilities on a laptop and mobile device(s). NOTE – UITS is not responsible for disruption of access to services nor loss of data resulting from the change of an ePantherID.

Requesting a Change

The individual should use the UWM Help Desk online request form to request a change of ePantherID. The request should indicate the reason for the change. The IAM Technical Team will evaluate the request. A change request will be fulfilled if the currently assigned ePantherID no longer reflects an individual’s current legal name for one of the following reasons:

  • Individual has legally changed their name and has officially updated records with UWM administrative offices.
  • A data entry error has occurred resulting in an ePantherID assignment that is not based on the individual’s legal name.
  • An appeal granted (see below) for an employee who self-selected an ePantherID as a student.

Additional acceptable causes to change an ePantherID are examined on a case-by-case basis using an established appeal process. The appeal process is facilitated by the member of the IAM Technical team that initially evaluated the request.  To support the appeal, a justification for the change will be requested. The justification should speak directly to why the currently issued ePantherID hinders the individual’s ability to complete academic activities or effectively conduct University business. After submission, the justification will be forwarded to the Identity Management Program sponsors for review and an appeal decision. Appeal requests will only be honored for current students, employees, or applicants.

Once the request has been approved, the IAM Technical Team will contact the individual to schedule the change. Changes generally are completed in about two campus business days. During that time while the change is in progress, the individual will not have access to their ePantherID or services accessed using the ePantherID.  The new account will be assigned the password of the previous account and should be ready to use the next morning.

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