Before You Leave UWM

While at UWM, you used your ePantherACCOUNT to access many services. If you will be leaving UWM in the near future, there are factors related to your ePantherACCOUNT that you should consider:

  • Your UWM email address will not remain active after you leave UWM. Inactivation will occur if:
    • as a student you have not registered for classes during the past two full semesters (fall and spring)
    • you are no longer employed by UWM.  If you are retiring from UWM, please review information below regarding additional privileges that may be available.
    • your Sponsored ePantherACCOUNT expires. Access to Office 365 Services is removed on the expiration date of Sponsored Accounts.
  • You should establish an alternate email address or make other arrangements to notify individuals who use your UWM email address to contact you. This would include use of your UWM email address on resumes, research papers or other collaborations.
  • Data that you have stored in various IT services such as Office365,  OneDrive, pantherFILE, D2L, UWM Survey Instrument or other services, will no longer be accessible. Make arrangements to move your data and files that you want to save to alternate storage.
  • Employees should make arrangements to transfer data and resources such as shared mailboxes associated with University business to an appropriate employee authorized to access the data for business continuity.
  • Employees with administrative access to services such as PAWS, HRS, Office365, SharePoint, OneDrive, pantherFILE, pantherLIST, or other IT services should work with supervisors to ensure access is properly updated.
  • Employees with PAWS administrative access (e.g. transcript printing, records inquiry or other administrative access ) should email “” with their last date of employment to ensure access is properly updated.
  • For students, a records retention policy controls the removal of data from UWM IT systems.

After leaving UWM, there are specific services that you continue to have access to as a past member of the UWM community.

  • Students: PAWS to obtain student grade information and transcript information.
  • Employees: My UW System Portal to obtain payroll statements and tax information for up to two years after employment.

Retiring faculty and staff will want to review Information available from the Secretary of the University Policies & Procedures site regarding privileges of continued access to campus IT services, including email:

Alumni who would like to continue using a UWM-affiliated email account may be eligible for a free UWM Alumni Gmail account. Note this is not a continuation of your Office365 account; it is a new separate email account. For more information, visit the UWM Alumni Association website.