Administrative Accounts

Guideline for OU Administrators


The objective of this guideline is to define the length of inactivity for Administrative and Service accounts before deactivation.


For audit and accountability purposes, the default inactivity time frame for Administrative and Service accounts will be one (1) year.  After one year of inactivity (as measured by the lastlogondate attribute) these accounts will be disabled if it is later determined that an account needs to be reactivated, a request by an OU-Administrator may be submitted to UITS-IAM and will require a successful password change. Please include requests for longer term length of inactivity with a brief justification. The IAM Infrastructure Team will evaluate the validity of he request and does reserve the right to deny any account requests. If the request to extend the inactivity period is accepted, the account will be moved into a protected area for the designated time period.

This guideline will be reviewed annually by the IAM Infrastructure Team and adjusted based on feedback from the community.